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Handmade Eternity ring

on June 08, 2023

An eternity ring is a unique piece of jewelry, reserved to commemorate moments that mark the lives of two people. Sealing an engagement, celebrating a birth, a graduation, a child's independence on the day he or she leaves home, a special anniversary or the renewal of vows.

Handmade Eternity rings are symbolic, timeless and very special, truly one of a kind.

Being one of our flagship jewelry, we are proud to say that we take care of every detail that goes into it, besides imbuing them with all the love for the art of handmade jewelry and thus witnessing the most beautiful love stories.

handmade eternity ring albert hern

What does an eternity ring really mean?

The meaning of an eternity ring is universal and clear: To commemorate love without limits. Although this is a modern conception of this design, bands commemorating infinity can even be found in ancient Egyptian jewelry from thousands of years ago.

"She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it's going." (De Beer) fueled the message with which the first designs were unveiled in 1960, with diamonds in a row set to represent endless love.

Today, the meaning of an infinity ring is the same, but the models are preferred personalized, symbolic and custom-made. This is one of the reasons that make our eternity rings unique in the market.

Each precious gemstone tells a story that vibrates with the personality of your loved one, reminiscent of their scent, their charisma and essence. Each one as authentic as the moments you share. Be inspired to choose the ideal model.

Classic style eternity rings


The classic model is a beautiful band of precious metal fully set with a series of diamonds, very similar in quality and cut to each other.

Although we are in the age of customization with bold, unique and colorful designs, classic eternity rings continue to captivate the eye. After all, they are timeless pieces that never go out of style, with a unique elegance that shines from every angle.

By slightly modifying the size of the stones, stylized models or more striking pieces can be created. Both symbolic, distinguished and brilliant.

Modern Eternity rings

Modern eternity rings are set with diamonds, beautiful gemstones or both. Usually in scattered or half band designs. On the outside they will look like striking and elegant infinity rings, while on the palms and side of the fingers they will feel comfortable and smooth.

Half bands are designed for those who want to carry their meaningful jewelry with them around the clock. Since modern lifestyles are often hectic and demanding, a little extra comfort (just as symbolic) is always welcome.

Personalizing a handmade eternity ring: Birthstone Gems


Infinity rings are highly customizable. One of the best ways to create top-notch custom eternity rings is to select oval-cut natural gemstones based on the birth month of the future wearer.

For example, aquamarines represent the March birthstone and were traditionally gifted as powerful charms to loved ones.

Celebrating those people who fill your life with irreplaceable memories is even better when you give them a very symbolic gift, inspired by something representative that you share. Their anniversary month or birth date are good alternatives.

Beautiful Unusual eternity ring designs

While classic settings are very elegant, true beauty takes thousands of forms, some quite unusual we must say. Preferring exotic gems that recall the beauty of nature and are mined in only a few areas of the world is a way to capture this one-in-a-million essence, such as a beautiful Tsavorite.

Unusual colors are the best way to imprint personality on a piece of jewelry, and because they are natural gems that are handcrafted, you can be sure that no one else in the world will have light patterns and brilliance identical to yours.
Unusual colors like those of a Tanzanite Eternity are the best way to celebrate a mystical and appealing personality.

Stackable eternity rings

Stackable eternity rings are one of the best forms of infinity rings. These modern designs possess amazing flexibility. They can be combined making unique color schemes every time, as well as used individually, looking just as beautiful.

Stackable infinity rings can be half or full band and one of their main advantages is that they fit perfectly with other engagement rings or wedding bands.

Colorful Handmade Eternity ring

There are people who cannot be defined by a single color and what they represent cannot be put into words. To celebrate them, the Eternity Ring Multicolor Sapphires & Yellow Gold was created.


One of our most important and representative pieces of jewelry, it brings together our expertise in the field of authentic oval cut gemstones, handmade pieces and symbolic designs.

Colorful eternity rings are ideal pieces to commemorate joy and crystallize memories of happiness or good times.

Elegant cut eternity rings

Elegant eternity bands prefer more striking geometric patterns, bevels rather than pave or claw, and exude modesty rather than boldness. To commemorate those long-lived loves and personalities with active lifestyles, emerald cut diamond settings are a great choice.

Bezels are secure and comfortable. They will not allow light to shine through, but the elegant cut of the diamonds will nicely offset the slender figure of these types of designs, creating well-balanced pieces that will go with everything.

Design your own eternity ring

If you can dream it, we can make it happen. We will be happy to help you Design your own eternity ring. Don't miss the opportunity to contact us through our official contact channels and let's design together a proposal with which you will also be able to commemorate your love without limits.


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