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The 15 Most Dazzling and Famous Jewels of Albert Hern

on June 08, 2023

Each one of our collections has the magic that only true jewelry lovers can imbue in their work, top quality materials and artisanal dedication that makes each jewel an accessory worth admiring.

This time we will dedicate a special space to the 15 Most Dazzling and Famous Jewels of Albert Hern. 

Tell us, which one is your favorite?

15. Emerald Cut Eternity Ring

A jewel designed to turn a declaration of love into a legacy treasure. The Emerald Cut Eternity Ring is one of our most special jewels because it showcases everything you could want in a diamond ring: 24 stones of excellent cut, color and clarity, set in a brilliant base with interesting and attractive geometric patterns.

3.44 carats of select diamonds in a durable and sturdy platinum band that fits perfectly with the Eternity style (one of our greatest areas of expertise).

14. Perpetual Tennis Bracelet

Perpetual Tennis is a bracelet model that has quickly become one of our best pieces, it's worked, durable, versatile and completely timeless. The design showcases a row of 59 color-perfect G diamonds totaling 4.78 carats of pure brilliance.

The base of this dazzling bracelet could be none other than the finest 18K solid white gold. This type of joining is quite a coveted trend thanks to its comfort, perfect for every occasion.

13. Necklace Majestic: Platinum & Diamonds

A piece worthy of royalty.

The Majestic Necklace Platinum & Diamonds is an exuberant piece that inspires class and elegance. Composed of a diverse group of brilliant modified marquise, with small round attachments totaling 2.31 carats of perfect proportions and good cuts.

A work destined to satisfy the highest standards, for those who love subtle details hidden in dazzling brilliance, to impact from far or near.

12. Gold Statement Chandelier

The dazzling Earrings Gold Statement Chandelier Sapphires with Diamonds are capable of illuminating any evening. Featuring a pear-cut and round diamond pattern on a beautiful 18k solid gold base, this accessory is a delicate statement of timeless elegance.

The exquisite design of these cocktail earrings combines perfectly with our fine jewelry, creating a unique profile that takes advantage of the most subtle features and highlighting them in just the right places to sublimely embellish the feminine face.

11. Unique Kite Diamond Earrings

Those who truly understand the rarity of a perfect diamond understand the magnificence of an exquisite faceted Kite Diamond cut and this is what our Platinum earrings Kite Cut earrings offers.

This usually underrated cut is not noted for its brilliance but for its ability to reveal the depth of a crystal's perfection in striking patterns.

All GIA certified Diamonds 

10. Sapphires & Diamonds

All-natural, ethically sourced sapphires and diamonds in an exotic display of oval and pear-cut patterns in exquisite and dazzling proportions.

2 beautiful, meticulously cut ovals and 26 pink Sapphire Pears totaling 15.47 carats, accompanying 12 blue Sapphire ovals totaling 26.44 carats in all, on a base of solid bright white gold.

A winning and bold combination that does not go overlooked.

9. Eternity Ring Oval Cut Diamonds (8.22 cts)

Have we already said that we love Eternity rings? With them you can declare the most intense affections and their dazzling succession of select gems makes them exotic and striking wherever you look, even in the most elegant cuts.

To satisfy the highest expectations, a luxury edition with 22 Oval Cut Diamonds G Color - VS Clarity. 8.22 carats of intense eternal brilliance.
A striking pattern in a smooth setting with finely crafted contours to give this special jewel a robust and delicate look at the same time.

8. Round Diamonds Tennis Necklace

7.48 carats of delicate and select round cut diamonds in a range of Color G-H and Clarity VS-SI, give shape to one of the most brilliant, elegant and sophisticated works of our brand, made in a base of resistant 14 karat white gold, which together with its modern union of Tennis make this a timeless jewel.

This jewelry will be perfect for any occasion and will stand up to daily wear if necessary, but you will surely want to reserve it to celebrate the most sublime occasions.



7. Black Rhodium Peridot: The winner

This award-winning cocktail design showcases a rare gem-quality Peridot of 47.35 carats and 170 round diamonds! A grand display of brilliance and distinction in one elegant piece that fits perfectly with any outfit and in the most demanding settings.

A jewel to dazzle connoisseurs and the general public in the world of high-end jewelry.

6. Perpetual Tennis Bracelet (48 Diamonds): What if...?

One of our most dazzling jewels is indeed a Tennis Bracelet but... What if we created a special limited edition with more sparkle, more gems and more weight? Simple, a greater visual impact on a jewel that is already eye-catching for its elegance and meticulous details.

A one-of-a-kind design, reserved especially for those who seek to create a timeless legacy, with versatile jewelry to celebrate loves that know no barriers.

5. Look-At-Me Emeralds & Diamonds

Can there be a more elegant and sophisticated combination than intensely colored emeralds and brilliant-cut colorless diamonds? Probably not.

Look-At-Me Emeralds & Diamonds 18kt White Gold Earrings are beautiful earrings that combine the best of modern trends with our brand's signature timeless style to create the perfect frame for a face worthy of a work of art.
A seductive pattern up close and a bright, eye-catching color from afar. With these earrings, no one will be able to take their eyes off you.

4. Trillions & Cushion Diamond

There is no better and closer match in the world of diamond cutting than the Trillion and the Cushion cut where? In a three stone engagement ring of course.
The two styles fit perfectly together to create one of our brand's most dazzling engagement rings, combining the perspective of a classic proposal with the vision of a giant gem elongated in the distance.

Up close, a stunning Cushion Diamond 2.01 carats Color G Clarity SI2 GIA and 2 Trillions 0.80 carats in a platinum base creates a truly blinding impression.

3. Flowers Emeralds & Diamonds

A select group of exquisite deep colored emeralds totaling 8.02 carats, accompanied by 1.81 carats of beautiful brilliant marquise cut diamonds in a meticulously mounted floral pattern is what makes up this truly dazzling 18kt Earrings.

Each gemstone is set in detail to make the most of this winning combination, at the highest level of quality possible in the untreated natural gemstone market.
what is the result? One of the finest, most delicate and dazzling emerald jewelry in our collection.

2. Eternity Ring 10.53 cts Emerald Cut

To honor one of our favorite designs, we created the Eternity Ring 10.53 cts Emerald Cut Diamonds & Platinum on special order only.

Under the conception that a truly special and unforgettable gift should be timeless, this masterpiece is created by showcasing the finest materials and under strict quality standards with D/E Color and VVS1/VVS2 GIA Certified Clarity diamonds.

Only the finest and most exquisite cuts have the right to take a step on this chain of 15 emerald cut gems, which will have the honor of being worn by our most distinguished Albert Hern family.

1. Aquamarine Majestic Ring

  • This exquisite ring features a stunning aquamarine gemstone as its centerpiece, set in a sleek and elegant band of polished white gold. The aquamarine is a mesmerizing shade of pale blue, reminiscent of the tranquil waters of a tropical paradise. Its pristine surface sparkles with a brilliant luster that catches the light from every angle, drawing the eye in and captivating the senses. Surrounding the aquamarine are a series of dazzling diamonds, arranged in a delicate halo that accentuates the beauty of the main stone. These diamonds are of the highest quality, with a clarity and brilliance that only the finest gemstones possess. Their rich sparkle adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to the overall design, creating a look that is both timeless and modern. The band of the ring is also crafted from high-quality white gold, with a smooth and polished surface that feels luxurious against the skin. Its understated design allows the aquamarine and diamonds to take center stage, without distracting from their natural beauty. Overall, this majestic aquamarine and diamonds ring is a true masterpiece of fine jewelry. Its breathtaking beauty and exquisite craftsmanship make it a treasure to be cherished for generations to come.


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