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Ring Black Rhodium Gem | AGTA Spectrum Awards

on June 08, 2023


We would like to share with you one of our greatest prides as a brand, as well as a small anecdote that will serve as one of many examples of the love that Albert Hern has always felt for the high art of fine jewelry design, with beautiful gems with which to empower women's daily style and build timeless bonds of affection.

Please spare us a cup of coffee to tell the story of our winner: The black rhodium and peridot ring.


The ring

For context, the black rhodium and peridot ring is a ring designed by Alberto Hernandez, father and founder of the Albert Hern trademark, which displays on a black rhodium base a beautiful 47.30 carat peridot, surrounded by a belt of 170 round brilliant diamonds totaling 3.26 carats.

The design is based on a double band joined together, which serves as a support or platform for the large central gemstone. This jewel is the perfect symbol of two intertwined paths whose union sustains a legacy of distinction.


About the AGTA Spectrum Awards

The AGTA Spectrum Awards is the most important gemstone and cultured pearl jewelry design and creative competition in the fine jewelry industry and has been since 1948.

Only the most skilled and creative designers in the context of colored gemstones are honored to participate. The winning entries get the highest prestige and exposure that any industry expert would only dream of: Interviews, specialized press, exclusive galas and worldwide recognition of their work.


The black rhodium and peridot ring and the AGTA Spectrum Awards

In 2013 the design of the Black Rhodium Ring with the stunning gem quality peridot by Alberto Hernandez had the privilege of participating in the "Evening Wear" category, of which nothing less than excellence was demanded:

“Pieces in this category fall nothing short of spectacular. Entries can range from red carpet fabulous to stunningly chic– and all must have exceptional color.”

- AGTA Spectrum Awards


What's the result? Albert Hern's designs took third place in one of the industry's most prestigious competitions. But the real reason for his design was not fame, but love for what he did, so much so that he allowed his ring to be entered under the goldsmith's name and not his own.

This is how Albert Hern's art lives on to this day, in the family legacy brand he built, born from the desire to create for his wife a beautiful handmade gift with which to share his most sublime feelings.



An award for the entire brand

The award-winning ring is just a sample of the skill and detail imprinted in every product with our signature, made with the deepest love towards the design of exceptional jewelry, worthy of creating memories with them, sharing emotions and empowering a woman's style.

This is the reason that drives us to choose ethically sourced natural gems and authentic metals, in the making of the finest timeless, award-winning designs.
Because jewelry that helps you showcase your inner beauty deserves to last forever.


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