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Peridot and pearl jewelry | Elegant and classic

on June 08, 2023

Among the infinity of shades, shapes and colors that parade in fine jewelry, few gems are as distinctive and elegant as pearls and peridot.


 These components together create harmonious sets of great visual impact, which gives pearl and peridot jewelry a privileged place in Albert Hern's collections.

Let's explore together some unique handcrafted pieces using pearls and peridot as the main protagonists so you can plan a timelessly luxurious set.

A little context | The attunement of pearls with peridot

Both pearls and peridot have been used for decades or even centuries as gemstones that represent wisdom, purity and longevity.

Peridot has been used as a main piece in Cleopatra's collections and as part of ancient rituals to worship the sun god. While pearls have been used as a symbol of purity, found in religious ornaments in tombs dating back more than 3,000 years.

The timeless beauty of these gems has given them a leading role in the world of jewelry. Especially pearls, a flagship stone in royal collections around the world.

In Europe, many medieval cultures were forbidden to wear pearls as ornaments because they were intended for the royal family.

Besides being culturally relevant and beautiful, peridot and pearl jewelry can be used to commemorate those born in the month of August and June, giving it a much deeper and symbolic connotation.

Peridot and pearl jewelry set

To honor this ancestral pair of jewelry and the ability to create sets of great aesthetic quality, here are some beautiful pieces of fine handmade jewelry that you can consider when putting together your own classic, casual or elegant jewelry box, with one of these masterpieces of nature as the protagonist.

14kt Fresh Water Pearls & Detachable Halo Earrings

The beautiful center perfect pearl earring with diamond and gemstone halo, is currently made to order with a couple of weeks notice and, although its original design was planned to include emeralds as a companion, green peridots can be used making them a unique and unparalleled piece.

The piece is detachable, so it can be worn at the level of brilliance and intensity that the moment requires. A timeless and elegant jewel that takes the style of combining and mixing jewelry to another level.

Pendant Letter A Initial 18kt Gold

To match pearl earrings and rings, an initial letter can be paired with beautiful soft green peridot, one of the most desirable shades. This jewelry is part of the flagship collection and one of Albert Hern's specialties.

Remarkable is the striking punch of color that can perfectly balance the elegant presence of the pearls, together creating a unique symphony of brilliance and class.

Mother of Pearl Our Lady of Mount Carmen Medal

The mother of pearl is the perfect base to build beautiful designs with precious stones.

This type of classic jewelry is symbolic and perfect for everyday wear.

Small birth details

Pearls and peridots are perfect to represent and remember the birth months, although for the month of June, the rubbed sapphire is the gemstone of choice, the pearl is often an affordable substitute.

Peridots and pearls can coexist in harmony in beautiful minimalist sets, for a symbolic and elegant style.

Ring South Sea Golden Pearl with Diamonds & Blue Sapphire

A set cannot be complete without a challenging right hand ring that can be worn for all those gatherings that support cocktail attire.

For those who are looking to make a real impression and win over with luxurious attire, an ideal choice is found in this beautiful cocktail ring, featuring a center South Sea golden pearl.

Graduated Akoya Pearls & Magnetic Fastener Necklace

Speaking of pearl sets, few pieces work as well as a beautiful necklace. Much less if it is a luxurious piece made with select Akoya pearls, almost perfectly round in shape and with an intense luster.

It will match perfectly with the rest of the details in peridot or any other colored stone you choose.

A classic and elegant piece that you can wear for life or pass on to the next generation, creating a legacy of unique and distinguished style.


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