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Moonstone and Pearl jewelry | A Legacy of Elegance

on June 08, 2023

Moonstone and pearl jewelry has long been steeped in mythology and beauty. Whether for its timelessly elegant aesthetic as a luxury adornment or for its spiritual associations with intuition, wisdom and love, it has never stopped being trendy.

Whether together or separately, moonstones and pearls can be the perfect addition to an elegant outfit.

Stick around and let's discover together why they have been so valuable throughout history and some must-have sets you can wear.


The tradition of pearls

Traditionally speaking, some mythologies believed that pearls originated through the interaction of divine beings.

For the oldest Japanese legends, a beautiful pearl found in the sea was the crystallization of a nymph's or mermaid's tear. According to their wonderful stories, they lay in the mouths of ancient dragons and whoever managed to remove them would gain great wisdom.

Have you ever heard the phrase "a mother has many pearls of wisdom"? It is an allusion to the longevity of this beautiful gemstone and its tradition as a gem of knowledge. The oldest one is almost 7,500 years old.

For the Greeks, pearls were the tears of the goddess of love, hence they were the favorite gift for brides on their wedding day.


Types of pearls, how to recognize a good piece?


Although pearls are originally from the sea, being formed inside certain mollusks, overfishing turned them into very scarce elements.

To solve this, complex cultivation techniques were developed. Depending on the cultivation method, and the activating methods, we can find rare midnight black pearls and snow-white pearls. In between, there is an exquisite variety of colors, each more brilliant and delicate than the last.

A high quality pearl possesses beautiful well-defined edges a natural luster and an attractive color.


Some iconic elements of the Albert Hern collection

Pearls have inspired a large number of Albert Hern designs.

From details with freshwater cultured pearls, whose silky and seductive luster contrasts perfectly with beautiful geometric style diamonds. To pearls of marine origin, rare and completely unique.

Albert Hern's most demanding pieces use only perfect round pearls, studied down to the smallest detail to make a statement of timeless luxury.


The Moonstone Tradition

Moonstones have been praised by all cultures that have believed in the moon as a deity, from the ancient Celts, to the Greeks themselves.

Given the peculiar physical characteristics of the moonstone, which distinguish them from any other gemstone, there has always been speculation as to their origin, either as a crystallized fragment of moonlight or a stone extracted from the moon itself.

Although we know this is not the case, its particular adularescence, a unique effect that makes its interior seem to glow naturally, makes it very clear why this ancestral belief.

A curious fact is that in 1970 the moonstone became the official gemstone of the state of Florida, as a commemorative reference to the Apollo 11 moon landing. The fact is that neither in Florida nor on the moon can you find these beautiful stones.


How to recognize a good moonstone?

Moonstones are simply unique and beautiful. Their physical characteristics are best used in elegant cabochon cuts or delicate beads.

While their forte is not dazzling brilliance, their curious inner light gives them a mystical, alluring and special aura.

Moonstones often fall victim to many inclusions, so the best pieces tend to be clean, revealing their spectacular inner layers with exquisite faded tones.


Iconic element in the Albert Hern collection.

As a brand specializing in precious gems of natural origin, Albert Hern could not leave out of its collection a beautiful handcrafted piece, made with select high quality metals.

This is a beautiful earring with aquamarine ovals and moonstone, creating an elegant and very refined composition, which stands out for its timeless and distinguished aesthetics.



Moonstone and pearl jewelry Set

Moonstone and pearl jewelry is ideal for creating very elegant sets. As an example, we can take inspiration from British royalty, whose styles are highlighted by an extensive collection of both elements.

A Mother of Pearl pendant or an elegant ring with a perfect round center pearl and accompanying diamonds can be iconic elements to combine with the magnificence of an oval cabochon moonstone.

This is a winning set that, while it will always be fashionable, can be tailored in size and style to match each client's unique personal tastes.

If you want a custom set, tailored to your budget, with the unique magic that characterizes the Albert Hern brand, just contact us through the designated channels.

We can find together the pearl and moonstone set that will become the perfect gift, or the next luxury addition to your closet.


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