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Meaning of wearing wedding ring on right hand

on June 22, 2024

The meaning of wearing a wedding ring on the right hand may come as a surprise to more than one, and it is normal, since around the world it is known as the "traditional" place to wear the wedding ring is near the "vena amoris", that is, on the left ring finger, given the Roman myth that in this finger there was a vein that connected directly to the heart. In any case, today you will discover that this has not always been the case and that there are very good reasons why some prefer to wear their wedding ring on the right hand.

Meaning of wearing wedding ring on right hand

It is important to note that all the content of this article is based on cultural references and not on impositions of any kind, no one can or will take away your right to choose which hand to wear your beautiful rings on.

Let's see if after today you are encouraged to wear your wedding ring on the right hand.


Meaning of wearing wedding ring on right hand

right hand wedding ring

The ring in right-hand meaning is not universal, nor does it represent the same thing in all cultures. For some women an engagement ring on the right hand, if this is her dominant hand, can be a way to make her stand out.

In general protocol it is common to see engagement rings on the right hand a few days before the wedding ceremony to give space on the left hand, prior to the arrival of the wedding ring.

Some women after the wedding ceremony decide to leave their diamond ring on the right hand as a symbol of their change of status from engaged to happily married.

In the case of eternity rings, anniversary jewelry, heirloom or graduation pieces, the right hand is usually the norm.

In some countries, the whole tradition of ring setting begins on the right hand, so chances are that if you see a woman wearing her engagement ring on the right hand, she comes from a country where this is the tradition.

Other reasons why a couple may decide to wear their wedding ring on the right hand are:


  • If the person is left-handed, it is more comfortable and safer to wear the wedding ring on their non-dominant hand, in this case, the right.
  • Same-sex couples sometimes choose to wear the ring on the right hand as a way of expressing their unique identity and distinguishing themselves from traditional conventions.
  • Certain professions or jobs may make it more practical to wear the ring on the right hand, especially if they involve frequent use of tools or machinery with the left hand.
  • Medical conditions, injuries or surgeries on the left hand may lead a person to switch the ring to the right hand, either temporarily or permanently.
  • Some people feel that the ring looks better aesthetically on their right hand, perhaps because of the shape of their fingers or other accessories they wear.
  • To differentiate the wedding ring from other significant rings, such as engagement or family heirloom rings, which are usually worn on the left hand.



What is a right hand ring?: The origins of a trend

If you still don't know what a right ring is or what is its origin, allow us a historical pill that will surely fascinate you.

The origin of this type of ring was born in the USA during the prohibition years in the 1920s.

Upper class women who attended speakeasies and wished to show their social and economic independence wore flashy right-hand rings to show that they could buy their own fancy jewelry and wear it where they wanted, how they wanted and regardless of "rules".

The flashier these cocktail rings, the more social status they acquired in the underground alcohol environment, as a way of showing power. Since then, a woman wearing a ring on the right hand is probably trying to express a message of autonomy and independence.

An idea immortalized by De Beer in 2003 with his powerful "your left hand rocks the cradle. Your right hand rules the world".


Which countries wear wedding ring on right hand?

Bulgaria, Germany, Norway, Colombia, Australia, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Brazil, Uruguay, India and Venezuela are just a few examples of countries whose cultures support wearing wedding rings on right hand.

This from a traditional point of view. Over the years, it has become more and more common to see couples establishing their own rituals and traditions, defining their own wedding ring on right hand meaning.


The wedding ring on the right hand, but on which finger?

Although not all cultures around the world agree with the use of engagement rings on the right or left hand, all traditions converge that the finger for engagement rings and wedding bands is the ring finger. Always the ring finger.

A ring on right ring finger has the same meaning as for the left ring finger. For the Romans, the ring finger was the fastest way to reach the heart through the "vein of love" which was believed to be located on the left hand, although today we know that the idea does not exist.

For cultures far from the Roman influence, each finger represented a special meaning. In some cases the love of the family, in others the love of the partner who was closer to the children (the little finger).


Women right hand rings VS ring on right hand meaning man

Wearing the wedding ring on the right hand usually means the same thing for both men and women. In some Asian cultures, men and women wear the ring on different hands, as a way of balance.

In the case of diamond rings that are not engagement pieces, placing it on the right hand usually means a clear message in men: "I am still available".  Since men don't usually wear engagement rings (they might as well do it more often) they probably don't want to look engaged if they are not.

It will all depend on the cultural nuances of each region, each family's traditions and so on. At all times, each person has the power to choose what the ring represents to them and it can never be seen as an imposition.

So that’s the meaning of wearing wedding ring on right hand, hope you enjoy the content, and don’t forget check out our collection of jewelry.



Find answers to common questions about jewelry, ring meanings, and cultural traditions

  • What does it mean if you wear a wedding band on your right hand?

    Wearing a wedding ring on the right hand indicates strength, authority, and fidelity in various cultures. In countries like Germany, Russia, India, and some in the Middle East, it is a common tradition. The right hand is associated with loyalty and commitment to your partner. In some Orthodox Christian cultures, it also symbolizes the blessings received during the wedding ceremony.

  • What does it mean if you wear your wedding band on the left hand?

    In many Western cultures, wearing the wedding ring on the left hand is the predominant tradition. This typically represents commitment and everlasting love for your spouse. The left hand is commonly associated with the heart, thus symbolizing romantic love and emotional connection.

  • What does it mean for a woman to wear a ring on every finger of her right hand?

    Wearing rings on every finger of the right hand can have varying meanings depending on culture and personal beliefs. In some cultures, each finger is associated with different energies and attributes. For instance, the pointer finger may represent power and ambition, while the ring finger (where wedding bands are typically worn) signifies love and emotional connections.

  • Which finger is a promise ring typically worn on?

    A promise ring is typically worn on the ring finger of either the left or right hand, depending on cultural preferences and traditions. The ring finger is associated with long-term love and commitment, making it fitting for symbolizing a promise of love and devotion. However, some individuals choose to wear the promise ring on another finger that holds personal significance for them.


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