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Find your ideal ring big or small

on June 08, 2023

Ideally, everyone should get their perfect ring size, especially when it comes to rings that represent love and the union of a party with both wedding bands and engagement rings.

Is it better to get a ring bigger or smaller

Purchasing the wrong size ring is something that happens more often than it should, especially when it's a gift or surprise.

That's why we've decided to address one of the most popular questions among our most anxious customers: Is it better to get a ring bigger or smaller?

How to measure my ring size correctly?

There are simple methods to discover your ring size, in fact, they are so easy to apply that they can be done right at home with just a few materials. A string or a basic size tester can be your best allies, we made a guide to it that we recommend you to read if you haven't done it yet.

How to know your ring size without knowing it?

If you are worried about your ring size, you are probably planning a surprise and don't want to reveal your intentions. If this is your case, you have several methods to find out your partner's ring size without him/her knowing, which can be summarized in being observant, being patient, listening carefully and knowing how to take advantage of opportunities.

If you want to know the steps in detail, we have a special guide on the subject here.

Does it really matter to choose the ideal size?

Yes, it is very important that the size of your (or your partner's) ring is as accurate as possible, it may not be perfect, but a considerable difference not only leaves open the possibility of your unalterable jewelry resulting in a bad investment, but it can cause injury, from slight discomfort to significant damage to the wearer's skin, fingers and palm.

Although this is rarely an impossible problem to solve, just consider the possibilities and try to learn as much about sizing as you can.

What if a ring is too small?

A ring that is too small will be impossible for your future recipient to wear, which is a big problem.

On the technical side, rings that are too small require extra metal to be incorporated into the band, which in theory can be easily achieved in simple models. When the design incorporates ornamental elements, inlays, images, engravings or complex settings, the task becomes more complicated.

Some ring models cannot be enlarged because they require a certain number of gems or the material is arranged in a way that makes modification impossible.
Also, keep in mind that enlarging a ring is almost always synonymous with incorporating extra elements, so it usually means an increase in the initial fee (unless the product is offered with free resetting from the beginning).

Finally, stretching a metal band or adding material can compromise the integrity of the ring if the work is not done by a professional, thereby weakening the jewelry.

What if a ring is too large?

Slightly larger rings usually give fewer problems.

When the design is simple, it is enough to remove a segment of the ring and make aesthetic adjustments to bring the band back together, without the joint showing. This may be impossible with some ornate designs or with a standard number of inlays.

It may be the case for people with knuckles larger than the base of the finger, so a large ring is ideal, but this causes them to move and make the wearer uncomfortable, so the problem is solved with sized beads.

Another way to solve small deviations in the size of a ring is to add an extra layer of metal on the inside of the band. This can be an extreme solution, but effective in flat wedding bands.

Can all rings be resized?

As mentioned in the previous sections, it is not always possible to resize a ring. Everything will depend on the design and the possible solutions that can be applied, preserving the aesthetics and durability of the jewelry or materials.
It is recommended to purchase central gems and set them in simple decoy bands, just for the proposal or gift, which you can then replace with the custom ring, once you know what the ideal size is.

Conclusion: Bigger or smaller?

The best and most recommended is that you try your best to locate the ideal size, or at least the closest one before making the purchase. Remember that the ring size is a standard that is not lost once you know how to measure it.
If you have to give an answer forced by the circumstances, definitely a larger ring will give less problems than a smaller ring.


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