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Guide to Wedding Invitation Wording

on June 16, 2023
Guide to Wedding Invitation Wording


It is true that the wedding invitation wording may seem a little confusing at first, with the air of formality that usually surrounds a ceremony of this style, it is normal that you want to take care of the subtle rules of etiquette, but with the tips we prepare today you will see that it is not as difficult as it seems.

The most important thing is that you prepare an invitation that represents you in every way, as every aspect of this important day should be.

So... how to word wedding invitations?


Basic elements in an invitation

The first thing to understand is that an invitation can be exactly what you choose it to be, with the language and information you deem appropriate, as long as it includes the basics:

  • The hosts
  • Hosts
  • Request for attendance
  • Couple
  • Date and time
  • Ceremony and reception location
  • Dress Code
  • Additional (RSVP)

In addition to this, there is no "unbreakable" rule that you must follow, so you can feel free to add the elements in the order and in the way you feel is best.


Formal wedding invitation wording

To create the basis of a unique wedding invitation wording take care how you incorporate these fundamental elements.



Hosts are usually the first line of text on a wedding invitation and refer to who is paying for or sponsoring the event. This line is a traditional rather than mandatory component, as it was the bride's parents who covered the cost of the celebration decades ago.

Today, it is the bride and groom-to-be or a combination of parents and bride and groom who are responsible for setting the budget and making the payments.

However, you can include all parents in your host lineup, even if one parent is deceased, divorced or not paying for the wedding. Each host (or host couple) will be written in a single row.

For divorced parents, simply list them each on a separate line:


"Mr. Jhon Holt and Patricia Holt
and Mr. Harold and Susane Bell
and Dr. Marion and Amanda Grace
invite you to celebrate the wedding of their children..."

You can include the name of a deceased parent to honor him or her, at this point, just be creative, for example:

"Mr. Michael Baker and the late Angelice Baker.
Invite you to join in the celebration of their daughter's marriage..."

"Anne, daughter of Mr. Michael Baker and the late Angelice Baker
Jhonathan, son of Mr. Bennet Rothenberg and Mrs. Susane Rothenberg
request the honor of your presence at their wedding..."


As a final thought, please note that in the name of the bride's parents are usually listed first on the invitation, followed by the names of the groom's parents. In case the bride and groom are the hosts, that order is respected.

If none of these conditions apply, place the names of the hosts in the combination that sounds best.


Request for assistance

Followed by the hosts follows the message with which you request the company of your guests at the ceremony. For example:


  • "You are requested the honor of their presence" (usually reserved for religious ceremonies).


  • "They invite you to share in the celebration of marriage."


  • "They are pleased to announce the marriage of".


  • "We would love to welcome you at" (usually reserved for religious ceremonies)



The couple's name should play a starring role and stand out above everything else, of course. The correct etiquette in this case is to include the bride's name first before the groom's name in the wording of the wedding invitation.

This is not always applicable, such as in the case of same-sex couples or when the name combination does not have the acoustics you would like. Feel free to include them as you deem most appropriate in that case.


Date and Time

The date and time of the ceremony usually looks more elegant if it is written in full using only letters. In some designs it looks great to use numbers, especially in square typefaces. Choose what you think is best.


Ceremony and reception location

You can include the location of the ceremony in as much detail as you choose, including at least the state, city and the name of the location or home address. Do not include unnecessary details.

Adding the coordinates can be a modern and succinct touch, although it is not suitable in all scenarios.


Dress code

Dress code is important in many scenarios and, believe it or not, will be one of the first questions your guests will ask. If you have enough space on your invitation card, add it.

If you don't, guests will usually make an assumption based on the card. If you have a very formal card, the dress code should be up to par.



The RSVP is a frequent addition to envelopes for important gatherings such as a gala, a fundraiser and of course, wedding invitations. It is usually included on a separate small card.

RSVP stands for 'Repondez, s'il vous plaît' or 'Respond, if you please'.

This card is filled out to confirm a guest's attendance. It usually includes a blank space to add the guest's name and a menu with dinner options. Ideally, it is sent back by mail or digitally.

This additional card helps to gauge the number of wedding attendees, plan the budget, reservations for the menu, rooms and more.


Wedding invitation wording examples

How about some examples or templates to inspire you to write your own wedding invitation?


Traditional Religious Example

"Mr. and Mrs. Thompson
and Mr. and Mrs. Bell
request the honor of your presence
at the celebration of the union of their children
Ann Isabelle Thompson
Michael Jr. Bell
Saturday, May fifteenth
at 6:00 p.m.
Saints Peter and Paul Church
San Francisco, California"


Example Ceremony at a non-religious location

"Together with her parents and family
Julia Josephine Riley
Marcus Alvis Finch
You are invited to join their wedding celebration.
March 15 | 4:00pm
The Cloister at Sea Island
Sea Island, Georgia
Followed by Reception"


Example Informal Celebration

"Samuel Jhonson
Alice Thomas
are happy to celebrate their marriage
invite you to attend on July 19
5:00 pm Central Hotel
Chicago, Illinois"


Example intimate personal style

We're getting married!
Paula & Benny
We would love for you to experience the celebration with us
We look forward to seeing you at 4:00pm
The Union Club
Bethesda, Maryland
Dinner, dancing and drinks to follow"


Traditional Formal Example

"Mr. Julius Ross and Mrs. Olivia Ross.
Would be horrified by your presence at their daughter's marriage.
Jasmine Eli Ross
Esteban Alexander Reyes
on the twenty-second of September
at 4:00 p.m.
Rumbling Bald
North Carolina".


Creative and personal example

Peter and Marry are getting married!
We invite you to celebrate their marriage
love will be in the air on...
January 24th
At 6:00 pm
Dinner, dancing and drinks to follow
San Francisco, California"


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