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Leader in Fashionable Jewelry

on June 08, 2023

Being a leader in fashionable jewelry is not only determined by those brands that stay within the trends, but also by those that tirelessly leave a part of their personality and character in their jewelry.

Pieces that will become carriers of unforgettable memories and moments to treasure forever.

Jewelry can be considered a form of artistic expression that changes over time, with new versions and modern interpretations being added as the most ambitious designers let their creativity out with the brightest colored gems, diamonds and noble metals.

Let's review together some of these trends that for us marked a before and after in this season's trends.

Fashion jewelry trend

The current fashion trend is regressing towards Art Deco perspectives, brightly colored and soft, yet striking gemstones.

Large pieces in genuine and shiny yellow gold are seen in almost every collection.

If you want to look fashionable with a seasonal purchase and have all the basics covered, such as a nice diamond studs, a small everyday pendant or some mismatched earrings (which you can wear singly or in pairs) you are ready to dig deeper into the catalogs.

How about looking at some accessories to compare with your current style for matches?


Gold and Diamond Bracelet By The Yard Chain

A minimalist accessory crafted with real gold and paired with diamond accents is perfect for everyday wear. This type of accessory allows you to keep up to date regardless of the twists and turns of current fashion.


Earrings Yellow Gold Disc Drops

This ambitious piece is made in solid 18 karat pure gold and is special for creating impactful looks. The beautiful polished yellow gold creates a reflective surface that won't go unnoticed, which is in keeping with the seasonal trend of bright and flashy jewelry.


Earrings Gold Green Sapphires & Diamonds Line Drops

As far as earrings are concerned, the chandelier style, dangling designs or elongated cut, have a leading role in the galas because this type of line design helps to stylize the face, playing gracefully with geometric patterns.


Necklace Gold Pear Shape Gemstones & Diamonds

Whether it's to show off with a beautiful seasonal swimsuit or with a powerful open concept Blazer that allows you to show some skin, necklaces with elongated full body style details, or minimalist, are a total 2022-2023 trend. Here's a great option made in 14 karat solid gold.


Necklace Gold Paper Clip Chain with Diamond Clasp

Chunky gold chains are dominating the runways and have redefined the fashion style of the season, we saw it last year and, as our predictions indicated, they continue to be one of the best selling components in the jewelry category for everyday wear. The reason is simple, they look great. You can show it off too with this beautiful Paper Clip with Diamond from Albert Hern.


Ring 14kt Gold Snake with Round Tsavorite Garnets

This season has been all about color and as experts in natural colorful exotic gemstones of natural origin we love it. Adding with another important element, which are the representative figures or charms, we have this beautiful Snake ring in 14kt gold and deep green Tsavorite Garnets. An element that stands out on its own.


Bracelet 14kt Gold Paper Clip & Diamonds Big Lobster Clasp

Fashion is not for everyone, it's something we can agree on and that's fine. We just have to know how to adapt the new forms of expression to our particular style. For all those who don't enjoy having extravagant jewelry as much, you can always wear several matching modern pieces that create the same effect.

The collection of which the Gold Paper Clip & Diamonds Big Lobster Clasp Bracelet by Albert Hern, in 14 karat gold, is a part, was created for this purpose.


Earrings 14kt Gold Tanzanite & Diamonds Drop

Dangle designs swept the season's most fashionable styles, they are dramatic, even in the most stylized variants, and we simply love them. Designs like this delicate Tanzanite and diamonds drop earring is everything and more than we could ask for when it comes to creating a truly stunning, yet refined outfit.


Eternity Ring 6.62cts Emerald Cut Pink Sapphires & 18kt Rose Gold

The exquisite Emerald cut has gained unique prominence in recent years, especially with the delicate color accents of a beautiful pink sapphire such as this ambitious Albert Hern eternity ring, contrasted in a romantic rose gold that will stand out strikingly in any style.


Earrings 18kt Gold Multicolor Pear Sapphires & Diamonds Hoops

For lovers of multicolor, it's time to show off all those combinations of tones that you haven't dared to do until now. Pieces like these earrings accented with pear-cut gemstones and accompanying diamonds fit perfectly with modern ambitions. A fashionable garment to show off in full color.


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