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Ethical and Conflict Free Diamonds | How to distinguish them

on June 08, 2023

Despite all the efforts that have been made globally to remove blood diamonds from the market, they still account for about 1% of the world's diamond trade.

Ethical and Conflict Free Diamonds

It may seem like a very small number at first, but diamonds from unethical origins arise from gross human rights violations, forced labor, child slavery and more atrocities, with the sole purpose of financing wars and violent acts.

The exclusive purchase of Ethical and Conflict Free Diamonds is one of the commitments we as suppliers and consumers can make to put an end once and for all to the inhumane and unjust exploitation of the world's natural resources.

Today we will discuss everything you need to know to make sure you are buying conflict free and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones.


Best conflict free diamond rings

The best conflict free diamonds are the basis of the most beautiful rings, with which sincere proposals of love are created, clean, free of conscience and guilt. This is one of the many reasons that make the Albert Hern diamond collection your best choice.


If you want to acquire pieces certified in authenticity and origin, do not miss the opportunity to review our collection of diamond rings.


What does conflict free diamonds mean?

An ethical or conflict free diamond is one that is sourced from legal mining and in no way contributes to violence, financing of terrorist groups, excessive environmental damage, child labor, labor exploitation and similar acts.

They are the opposite of war diamonds or blood diamonds, which is a label for a certain group of precious stones that come from regions in constant civil wars, where military groups use coercion (almost always by means of weapons) to control mines with which they finance their acts.

Beyond the arbitrary and greedy control of mining in such conflict regions, most of the workers are often found in inhumane conditions (including children) that put their lives at risk.

Illegal mining completely ignores any environmental guidelines, compromising the ecosystem and the entire nearby population. An intolerable and unsustainable activity.

Although ethical diamonds represent about 99% of the market, the goal is 100%. A goal to which we are committed and that you can assume with us.


Are conflict free diamonds real?

Ethical conflict free diamonds of natural origin exist and are as real, authentic and unique as any other gemstone. In fact, ethical diamonds have the advantage of bringing peace of mind and pride to those who trade and purchase them.

A beautiful ethical diamond is brighter because it is honest. A symbolic value that anyone would like to have in their own engagement ring.


How do I know if my diamond is conflict free?

A lot of administrative processes and controls are required before you can guarantee that a diamond is conflict free and legally mined. A good start is to check that the diamond went through the Kimberley Process.

This mechanism was implemented by the World Diamond Congress in 2000, with the participation of the international human rights community and other bodies.

This certification is a mandatory requirement for a diamond to cross national and international borders and only countries that comply with the minimum legal regulations established can issue such a certificate. This allows the creation of paper trails to identify the origin of a diamond.


Where do conflict free diamonds come from?

Mines in Kimberley Process countries are common sources of conflict free diamonds. Russia, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Tanzania, Angola and certain regions of South Africa are good examples.

Another important consideration of the origin of a truly ethical diamond is not only the country, but also the conditions of the mines. Some regions that are considered war-free operate under "minimal" legal conditions and actually offer no real development for the industry, its workers or the surrounding communities.

Responsible suppliers go a step further and create links with mines that are truly committed to their work and to the environment, while also conducting their own research to ensure the transparency of supplies. A concept to which we are fully committed.


Are antique diamonds conflict free?

According to the definition of the Kimberley Process, yes. A diamond in an antique jewel is considered a conflict-free piece, at least in the current context of blood diamonds.

In a truly honest sense, it is impossible to know exactly whether the mining of a diamond over a century old was truly ethical production, much less in complex historical environments where activities such as forced labor and slavery were carried out with impunity and in many cases seen as normal.

Although daily efforts are made to ensure the greatest possible transparency in the extraction of precious stones and metals in the industry, as far as antiques are concerned, everything will depend on the certificates and the reliability of the supplier.


Are conflict free diamonds more expensive?

No, ethical and conflict free diamonds are not more expensive.

In fact, because of the effort required to move unethical diamonds through illegal channels and the risk involved in selling them on the black market they end up costing the same or more than a legal diamond.

Only the minorities who control the primary illegal mining processes and those who are in charge of mobilization receive benefits. Never the honest consumer.


How to buy conflict free diamonds?

If you want to know how to ensure diamonds are conflict free, start by always preferring suppliers with a firm commitment and zero tolerance policy regarding blood diamonds.

If you have doubts about your supplier, ask for the necessary certifications such as the Kimberley Process paper trail, a requirement for all gem quality diamonds in the United States since 2003.

An honest ethical diamond supplier will always be proud to show the authenticity of their jewelry and precious metals, any refusal to answer questions about the origin of the diamonds or seriousness in the processes can put you on alert.


Are GIA certified diamonds conflict free?

There is a false belief that all GIA-certified diamonds are conflict-free, but the truth is that they are not necessarily. The inspection of a diamond by a GIA-certified gemologist is done to determine the quality and authenticity of a diamond, not its origin. There is no appreciable difference between a blood diamond and one of ethical origin, no special advantage in quality or price that makes them stand out more or that would stand out on close inspection.


Are Albert Hern diamonds conflict free?

We certainly are. We take great pride in offering dazzling collections using only ethically sourced diamonds, metals and gemstones that are completely conflict free.

Our commitment extends in support of all initiatives to create transparent, free and friendly trade for all involved, today and in the future, in order to bring joy, beauty and build the most beautiful memories through brilliant jewelry.



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