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Easy tips to buy jewelry online

on June 08, 2023

Today, everything we can imagine can be purchased over the Internet. However, when it comes to high ticket items or products of great sentimental value there are some factors that you as a user can and should consider.

The online market continues to grow and with it, a wide variety of options for the same purpose. It is important to be able to access as much information as possible about the product, its price, presentation, materials, origin of those materials (conflict free zones in this case) and overall quality of the product.

To facilitate your experience and make it simple and fail-safe, we have prepared a series of tips that will be of great help when buying jewelry online.


1. Do some research on the supplier

The first thing you should do before purchasing a product is to make sure that your supplier is a real brand. To do this, you can check reviews online, access their "About Us" section and check the information they offer.

One way to see that your supplier is trustworthy is by accessing the contact channels. If you have questions, don't be afraid to call the store's main office, send an email or check their live chat.

You can check our official contact channels here.


2. Validate social media channels and sales platforms

A responsible supplier is available to you on multiple platforms. If you want to get a clearer idea of the veracity of the online jewelry supplier, check out their other network profiles such as on Amazon.


3. See some references

Reviews from satisfied users are organic, realistic and can give you a broader picture of your purchase.

amazon Albert Hern trustful reviews

Checking online references from other users, whether through virtual or physical channels is a good way to purchase that dazzling engagement ring or special gift safely.


4. Consult certificates and appraisals of your jewelry

When buying jewelry with top-notch materials such as gold, platinum, rhodium, diamonds larger than one carat or precious stones of natural origin, it is not superfluous to consult the certificates of authenticity or the appraisal of your jewelry.

A certificate from a reputable laboratory such as GIA can be a good starting point. Albert Hern jewelry also includes a free jeweler's appraisal so that you have all the details of your beautiful jewelry.


5. Beware of tempting impromptu offers

Fine jewelry has a value attached to it. If an image appears before you with a tempting offer, which redirects you to an unknown page outside the store for a very high quality product at a very low price, be discerning.

Discounts are not your enemy, but, if you receive a considerable discount for a piece of jewelry you love, make sure it at least comes from a reliable source.


6. Check your ring size carefully

Choosing the wrong ring size can completely damage your experience, even more so if it's engagement jewelry.

So that you can choose a perfect piece custom-made for you or for this loved one's fingers, check with your local jeweler for an accurate measurement before buying online.

If you don't know your ideal size yet, you can check our detailed guide. After reading it, you will surely know how to do it on your own.


7. Manage Expectations: Be Product Informed

All jewelry is beautiful, but high-quality materials have unique properties that not only determine their market value but their aesthetics.

Many enjoy fancy-cut diamonds, for example, but few know that these types of cuts are made to exhibit clarity rather than reaper brilliance. Some gemstones in certain shapes may appear larger than others, even if they have the same weight. For example never buy in high on trends because they always come down and stick with classy pieces you love. 

All of these peculiarities can affect your appreciation of the jewelry.
At Albert Hern we want you to completely love your future purchase, so we invite you to review our quick guides to gemstones on our official blog. Feel free to discuss any additional questions with us.

A smart and informed purchase  will make you happy and always remember to buy from Albert Hern. 


8. Verify that the store has security mechanisms

An important security tip is to check that the link you are accessing (where you will make your purchase) has an SSL security protocol. Although it sounds complicated, it is nothing more than making sure that the online store link starts with https and not with http. This way your credit card data will be safe.

Also, make sure you make protected purchases, either through intermediaries such as PayPal, Amazon or Shopify's secure and verified payments.

Once you establish a trusted relationship with your supplier, you can feel free to choose more personal payment methods such as using your VISA card.


9. Better if there is a physical store

While it's not mandatory that your jewelry supplier has a physical store, this is a reliability point in the supplier's favor.

Try making a call to the store, check references on Google Maps or go directly to the store after consulting the catalog, to make sure you can trust your supplier.
If you are in the city of Miami we will be very happy to welcome you in the Albert Hern family store.

See our Address on Google Maps

10. If you are looking for fine jewelry, buy from a passionate and reliable designer

The after-sales service and the purchasing process are a very good way to measure the level of reliability of a supplier.

If you want to go for fine jewelry, buy from a committed supplier who cares about your total satisfaction beyond your money. In short, buy from passionate brands and not just any supplier that claims to be an online jeweler.


11. Go visit Albert Hern Jewelry designer for all your tips to be fulfilled.

Here at Albert Hern we design, repair, appraise, manufacture, and we create the most unique and meaningful jewelry for you. 


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