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Sports Jewelry Trends

on June 08, 2023

Gold Golf Jewelry is undoubtedly one of the most representative accessories for those who love and wear the sport. Able to highlight the style and shine of the most casual of outfits.

We will agree that golf is a high caliber sport, which requires great mental demand, strategy, coordination, aim and a sharp mind. Reasons why it can only be represented by jewelry with the same level of complexity.

Let's explore this trend together and see if a fun golf jewelry is what you are looking for.


Why the golf trend?

More than a trend, it is a beautiful way of representing a lifestyle for those who nowadays are an important part of those who love this discipline the most

Figures like the golf ball are very distinctive and come loaded with personality. They are perfect to crown everyday casual styles in a fun and elegant way, especially for all those who love a good game of golf outdoors.

Why golf and not any other sport?

Golf is a much more mental than physical sport, it requires concentration, planning and a mind of steel. Wearing a piece of jewelry like a golf club necklace gives a message about your style, your approach to life and how you act towards a goal.

You can go back to any spring fashion show this year and you're sure to see some reference to this new "golf course to runway" vibe. Simply genius.

Necklace Golf Ball 14kt Gold

To honor the golf lovers in our Albert Hern family, the Necklace Golf Ball 14kt Gold has been designed. A worthy jewel to wear all day long, from the golf course to that family reunion or business day.

The 14kt gold composition of this beautiful handmade piece is designed to last, in one of the most resistant gold compositions on the market, with the standard that characterizes the brand.

You can choose a beautiful matching 16-inch gold chain or a sturdy and sporty Leather for those who love to exploit their athletic side.

The charm is carefully crafted to make a perfect 3.2 gram authentic solid gold golf ball that will stand up to any test.

So color can't hold you back, you can choose your favorite luxury metal from dazzling yellow or elegant white gold.

This is a luxury gift that will dazzle any golf player or fan. A discreet and elegant way to show off your sporty side.

What better way to honor the sport you like with a beautiful necklace that represents your love for the game of tennis or paddle.



If you understand what it means to carry with you a symbol that represents you and with which you can always remember your passion, this piece of jewelry is the ideal gift for you or for your loved one.

In case you have any questions or suggestions you can leave a comment and we will be glad to help you.

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by Roseanne Gwendolen on May 15, 2023

Hello owner, Thanks for the educational content!


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