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Ideal gift for daughter's during Christmas

on June 16, 2023

From the moment of her birth, a daughter changes the whole panorama of your world. Taking advantage of the fact that holidays are usually accompanied by gifts and that the trends point to symbols as far as jewelry is concerned, it is the perfect moment to give your eternal baby a gift that she will be able to treasure for life.

The moments we share together are in themselves the most valuable thing we can give away, and a piece of jewelry at Christmas can come to represent a symbol of this. Make these dates truly a memorable moment.


What is the best jewelry to give my daughter for Christmas?

We will deal in detail with the answer to this question later, but honestly, any piece of jewelry that comes from a parent is simply a priceless treasure.

Every piece of jewelry has a special meaning, it is best to choose those that best capture how much a daughter represents in our lives.

To this end, initial pendants and birth gems are an ideal Christmas gift. On the one hand, these can be personalized depending on a name, date of birth or sign, and on the other hand, each birth gem is linked to a tradition and a meaning.

For example, the aquamarine gem is traditionally given to those born in March, but they have also been a protection and safeguard amulet for centuries.

Best of all, no matter what your daughter's initial or gemstone is, they're all carefully designed to look fantastic with any outfit.


Prisma Collection for your daughter this Christmas


There is no design with a richer symbolism than the Prisma Collection. With them you can make beautiful sets, so your daughter can wear them whenever she wants, either individually or together, since they have delicate necklaces, rings and bracelets, enriched with their ideal gem after her birth month or after the personality we wish she could cultivate.

As they are very delicate pieces, they will go well with casual styles and holiday attire, so that she always has a part of you accompanying her wherever she goes. 



We know our feelings for her will continue to grow, giving a birthright jewel sets them in stone and makes them memorable.


Initial Pendants

The initial earrings are one of the biggest trends in jewelry, because they are customizable- certainly something that makes any gift extra special. It can represent something that makes us unique or special, and that is what we always want for a daughter.

The initial earrings go with any letter and they are also enriched with gems and brilliant cut diamonds, in such a delicate and beautiful way that you will be able to wear them with any garment this end of the year.

Although it all depends on creativity, and a good piece of art can be interpreted on many levels, your gift to your daughter can be the initial of the last name or of a special person who is no longer here and whose memory is valuable. Remember that the value of a piece of jewelry is in the meaning it has for its owner.



Medals, the guardian angel of jewelry.

As parents, our desire to protect our little ones is infinite, so, in celebration of the holy holidays, a medal made of precious metals and gems is without a doubt one of the most wonderful gifts we can give. It is functional and it is one that can be passed through generations as part of a long tradition, so that you can always take care of the family.






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