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How to combine jewelry with Christmas tones

on June 08, 2023

The most anticipated holidays of the year are coming up, and with them, fun winter trends for combining our best outfits with jewelry and accessories of the holiday season. If you need a little creative push to combine your outfit this Christmas, we will help you.

Let's take a tour of the trendiest colors this season, take note of the tips we'll be leaving for you so you can wisely choose the Christmas fashion jewelry that will take your look to the next level.

Trends in Christmas Jewelry

We perfectly know that fine jewelry is timeless, but if we want to stand out with our style this year, we must know how to be at the forefront with the most innovative proposals.

Thick gold chains have been crowding the catwalks this year, so it's a must if you opt for the faithful and elegant color black, or for a discreet satin piece, so that the power of a striking accessory makes its effect.

For your beautiful hand, criss-cross rings and the half-moon bracelets are among the candidates fighting for first place.

Finally, if you have in mind a special suit set or an outfit with some very remarkable feature such as a long jacket or a very high and bold collar, you will undoubtedly want to choose a symbolic and delicate pendant, with conservative earrings, especially those with a floral design.

The classic Green and Red

Green and red are, and will always be, the colors of Christmas, at least in the near future, but let's be honest- it's very difficult to put them together in an outfit.


If you opt for a sweater, jacket or dress, either in red or green, it is best to highlight these pieces by adding neutral tones such as brown or white and pair it with yellow gold jewelry. In this case, our musts include long earrings and hoop or half-moon bracelets.


White Pearl

Light, neutral tones are likely to reign this season, a perfect time to harness the power of brightly colored gems and unleash the most delicate of garments.

If you want to enhance this effect, take advantage of our white gold pieces. Yes, white on white! It may sound crazy, but you might be surprised what a fine white jewelry accessory with soft gems can do with white and pastel outfits.


Black with Silver

A classic of all times comes for this winter, to make you look elegant and ready for any contingency, a mix that always looks good. When your look is black jewelry and diamonds will make you the center of attention.

Stay true to these tips especially this year, when comfortable clothing seems to be a constant in most collections. Do not miss the pearls and rings in two parts, and delicate bracelets interspersed in silver and yellow.


Predominantly blue

We've seen that different shades of blue can work really well this Christmas, making a color gradient quite pleasing to the eye or with a whole piece of light blue that will make you look elegant.

This trend is perfect for wearing jewelry with sapphires, of any size, diamonds, and especially pieces in silver tone.


Brown and gold

For some reason, brown clothes are usually synonymous with comfort, so you should not rule out this proposal for the end of the year. As wines at the beginning, it is a great suggestion to combine with red and green as a secondary garment, but... what about the brown as the main character?

Brown long jackets, sweaters and one-piece suits are perfect to combine with very light clothes and let your best pieces shine in yellow gold, as well as gold rings and eye-catching necklaces.

But be careful, if you wear a long neck remember to show power in your earrings in a subtle way, and look like a winner this holiday season.


I encourage myself to stand out in any color

If you are one of those who preferred the most striking designs and want a yellow, red striped with black or green and some dark tone, do not think twice- let us design a custom jewelry piece.

Pendants with initials, peculiar figures like those of animalistic inspiration, geometric (like a cross, perfect for holy celebrations) may also be what you are looking for.

Regardless of the color, any designer piece with a unique symbolism or feature is sure to dazzle and add personality to your outfit.

There is a jewel for every trend, but always keep in mind that the basis of Christmas fashion lies in its bright colors.


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