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Real butterfly jewelry

on June 08, 2023

The design and shapes that nature offers are one of Albert Hern's greatest inspirations as a jeweler and as a brand. Of all the animal world, butterflies have long been a representation of change, evolution, overcoming and beauty.

The real butterfly jewelry is a style that highlights the details. Even in antiquity you can find jewelry inspired by this concept and since it is still so popular today we can only come to one conclusion: They are so beautiful that they will always be a trend.

Let's dig a little deeper together.

Why butterfly jewelry?

As we said before, butterflies are an almost universal symbol of transformation. They start as simple caterpillars and turn into beautiful creatures whose wings embellish any natural setting.

The metamorphosis of something negative into a liberating, rewarding and beautiful experience has a lot to do with the symbolism behind real butterfly jewelry.

The advantage of fine jewelry that mimics the elegance of a real butterfly is that it holds the same symbolic value, respecting life in the process and with supply chains that can be traced back to an ethical origin.


Diamonds and fantasy wings

Butterflies are symbols that have had a strong impact on fashion and accessory design in general since time immemorial.

A butterfly conveys an air of adorableness, sensitivity and sophistication. It is an elegant, but at the same time fun garment that combines with all kinds of sets, and in the most varied situations.

A good example of this can be diamonds accompanied by small flashes of color or a solid gold base. The result will be a very bright piece with great personality both from a distance and up close.


Colorful details inspired on real butterfly wings

The popularity of butterfly wing jewelry is largely due to its patterned, multi-colored, well-organized figures. Something so full of details could only be inspired by nature.

With this in mind, butterfly jewelry can play with all these variables and produce truly dazzling, elegant and completely timeless accessories.

Butterflies are synonymous with joy, very eye-catching pieces both from afar and up close.

Make a deluxe context

Most commonly, the butterfly style in jewelry simulates authentic butterflies as much as possible, but the reality is that they can be used in a symbolic way to contextualize ideas of mysticism, magic and harmony with nature. Having a couple of small butterflies floating around a large gemstone or on the metal base of a ring creates a visual experience.

These kinds of details become very powerful because they help to engage the most curious eyes, generating small surprise sparkles that give these sets a unique personality.


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