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Buying jewelry for yourself | Everything you need to know

on February 09, 2022
Buying jewelry for yourself


Are you considering buying some jewelry for yourself, but you feel some insecurity about whether to do it or not? Well... It's a very common doubt and one that many of our most beloved customers have gone through. Because of this we have decided to write an article about it to help clarify this dilemma.

For a long time we have considered jewelry as a gift of great value to be shared exclusively at special moments to express love, affection or respect (because they are!) but, for us, they are also symbolic pieces that can highlight the beauty and personality of its wearer, regardless of whether it has come to you as a gift from someone else or one of your own.

If you've decided you don't want to wait for a special date to get that piece you've always dreamed of from someone else, but don't know where to start, here's how to guide you through the process.


Why you should buy jewelry for yourself?

Because you work hard, you are independent and you really deserve it.

Giving yourself a piece of jewelry is a great way to highlight the traits and characteristics that make you who you are, almost like a demonstration of self-love. Some of our garments are made with those characteristics that make you special in mind. The so-called birthstones are precious stones that represent the virtues of a person and also their birth month.

If you want to know a little more about these enigmatic jewels, you can take a look at them in our specialized category. 


Buying jewelry for yourself can give you a great sense of self-sufficiency, a reminder that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.


Define a style

Brightly colored jewelry and cocktail styles are dazzling, but they are certainly not for everyone. Before choosing fine jewelry you should think about its durability, versatility, symbolism and utility.

To define whether a piece of jewelry really suits you, you should first reflect on what your ideal style is. Define whether you are or prefer:

  • Conservative or bold?
  • Heels or casual shoes?
  • Party or home style?
  • With or without obvious symbolism?
  • Fun or elegant?
  • Full color or black and white?

Knowing how to answer all these questions will result in a very good guide to find the sets that best suit your closet. Consider also if perhaps what you want is for the jewelry you choose to fit into her usual agenda. This will make her feel happier with her jewelry box and style in the long run.


Don't forget the settings!

Similar to what happened with the previous tip, it's good to consider lifestyle to know if the jewelry is functional or not. If you are someone who loves sports, physical activity or have heavy jobs, maybe tall rings are not a good idea, for example.

Matching jewelry to our daily style can make a big difference between being satisfied with our purchase or not.

Position yourself in scenarios of your day to day life and ask yourself what jewelry could look beautiful, go with your tastes and at the same time not interfere with your activities is the winning formula.


Functional or trendy?

The next big dilemma to solve is whether we want to go for functional or trendy. In short: Both are wonderful options.

In order to make up your mind, it's as simple as taking a look at your jewelry inventory for the essential options. If you already own fine jewelry to cover the basic scenarios then you can venture out to try some trend that really catches your eye.


Here are some tips:

We can start with some timeless diamond earrings in white gold, which can be found in multiple sizes, meaning they fit every budget. This is a very good way to start creating an inventory, as they will look good in almost any context, being very versatile and beautiful. Some of the options can be:



Experiment with new textures and designs

Once you have the necessary notions to start and some basics in your jewelry box, the ideal is to start trying textures, colors and designs. For this you can count on the professionals at Albert Hern who can guide you through the whole process, with professional advice.

The simplest way to get out of the comfort zone and start connecting with those artistic and sophisticated models, is to see precisely all the options you can to inspire you.



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