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3 Rings wedding | The three traditional rings of marriage

on June 16, 2023

A traditional wedding brings with it many memories and symbolism attached to them of great sentimental value, among the most important of which are the 3 Rings wedding: the engagement ring, the wedding band and the eternity ring.

Since each ring represents something different in the relationship and is used to commemorate unique moments, sometimes the correct use of them can be confusing.

In order to make every detail of this big day go as we dreamed it would, we will discuss with you all the details of how and when to use the 3 piece wedding ring sets in the traditional way.


3 Piece wedding ring set

The 3 piece his and hers wedding ring sets are combinations of rings with a lot of meaning for the classic ceremony. Each band tells a story, a stretch of the road that has been overcome that the couple shows to the world.

Having them all represents that each of those stages of the relationship and life together has been overcome. Let's talk a little more in detail about each of them.


1. Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are given to you at the long-awaited moment of proposal, usually accompanied by the iconic "Will you marry me?".

Represents the union and commitment shared by two people who intend to love each other forever, it is in itself the representation of an indestructible promise of love and union.

Engagement rings are usually bands of precious metal with a solitary gemstone set in the center. In a traditional context, the center gemstone is almost always a diamond.

Engagement Rings

Some engagement rings accompany the center gemstone with smaller inlays or ornaments.

Usually only ladies wear engagement rings, but this does not mean that a man cannot wear one if he wishes.


2. Wedding ring

The next ring the couple shares is the wedding ring. They are received during a ceremony at the altar, as a symbol that the couple has sworn to each other and have begun their "together forever".

Unlike the engagement ring, wedding bands are usually bands of precious metal with little or no inlay.

The couple is free to choose matching wedding bands or models that suit their particular tastes. Normally, they are expected to match well with the engagement rings so that they can be worn together seamlessly.

If traditional protocol has been followed, wedding bands will always come first before engagement rings. They are symbols of love that are generally worn closer to the heart.


3. Eternity Ring

Eternity rings are beautiful commemorative bands that are usually given as a gift during the celebration of the first anniversary, the tenth or even any other special moment in which the desire to express the strength and commitment of your love is latent.

Perfect for renewing vows. Eternity are metal bands completely set with gemstones, which, as the name suggests, represent infinite love.

Some designs only have stones in the middle of the band for the wearer's comfort, but the meaning is the same.

The symbol of true love

When you understand the moment and the meaning of each ring, you begin to understand the beauty of the 3 piece wedding ring sets. All together, they are symbolic of what is traditionally expected of love: promises kept, a strong bond and a beautiful journey.

Although these references are not rules written in stone, after all, only the couple can define what their beautiful jewelry really means.


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