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Pride Month Jewelry to wear all year 2022

on April 25, 2022
Pride Month Jewelry to wear all year 2022


Colorful jewelry is, undoubtedly, one of the most striking pieces in the world of jewelry. For Albert Hern they represent joy, happiness and above all a great personality, but during Pride Month their meaning is even more interesting and beautiful. They become symbols of strength, respect, love and equality.

We believe that handmade jewelry contains a special meaning that everyone can identify with and through which we share a fragment of who we really are, one with which to build bonds capable of overcoming the barriers that for so long have been part of our society and are now ready to be broken in the name of love.

In commemoration of all the members of the LGBTQI+ community, the friendly faces who work tirelessly to achieve a more equitable world and on the eve of Pride month, we put together some special recommendations that will represent very well your personality or that of that person you love.
Let's check together some great ideas...


Earrings Asymmetrical Gemstones

Asymmetrical earrings with ethically sourced natural gemstones are perfect to commemorate Pride month and also wear all year round. This piece goes perfectly with current trends without sacrificing the timeless property that characterizes the brand. A fresh touch of personality crafted in 18kt gold and a rainbow of select oval stones.

Earrings Asymmetrical Gemstones & 18kt Gold

Pendant Peace Sign

The symbol of peace is universal, just as genuine love should be. To commemorate the struggles and desire for a safe and inclusive world, the gold peace sign pendant is a perfect wearable this Pride month. Handcrafted with solid 18kt gold, 9 oval cut natural gemstones that maximize brilliance and 11 beautiful diamonds. A truly beautifully detailed piece of jewelry to wear every day.

Double ring multicolor sapphire and diamonds

Inspired by one of the most timeless classic pieces: the eternity ring. This beautiful double band ring features 19 diamonds and 7 multicolored sapphires that were individually chosen to be the best representation of pride and, at the same time, a piece of jewelry with a lot of personality capable of elegantly boosting everyday style.

Earrings Gold Mismatched Sapphires & Diamonds

The mismatched style of these earrings has that unexpected effect that we all love, not only because it is reminiscent of early modern designer artwork, but rather because of its elegance and unique personality. Worthy of pride, worthy for everyday style.

Pendant Initial Letter

Be free to choose who you love, just as you are free to choose the metal, the gems and the type of necklace that will accompany this beautiful pendant. A piece of jewelry full of personality with which to commemorate great moments, whether it's Pride month or any day of the year. A high-end piece, straight from Albert Hern's flagship collection, designed for everyone to have a symbol that can represent their own identity.


Oval badge: Eternity ring multicolor

When it comes to multicolored jewelry inspired by rainbows and feelings such as happiness, joy and cheerfulness, no piece of jewelry would be as perfect to express all that as the multicolored Eternity ring. This piece is handcrafted with 18kt gold and 20 ethically mined multi-colored sapphires, carefully chosen to present beautiful internal patterns of light.

Heart Shape Pendant

The heart shape is the most representative symbol of love and what better way to show support for the LGBTQI+ community than with a beautiful fine jewelry necklace in solid gold and select precious oval cut gemstones. This necklace is perfect to wear every day and also takes on a special symbolism during Pride month.

To make it even better, you have the freedom to choose the metal, gemstone color and type of necklace.


Multicolor Ring Sapphires & Diamonds in Gold

Handmade fine jewelry is not always symmetrical, rounded or predictable, this is precisely what makes it unique and perfect. Cocktail rings like Albert Hern's Ring Multicolor Sapphires & Diamonds in Gold captures well this concept of unique, elegant jewelry with great personality, ideal for commemorating the joy, glamour and color that accompanies Pride month.


Earrings Multicolor Sapphires in Line

A handmade piece that evokes elegance, sophistication and personality, with a rainbow of multicolored sapphires perfect for celebrating in support of the LGBT community and looking great for the rest of the year.

Earrings 18kt Gold Multicolor Sapphires in Line 

We were inspired by the brightness and happiness that such important dates represent for this beautiful community. Brave people, full of energy and passion will now also be able to show their personality to the world. 


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