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Yellow gemstones | The most cherished symbols of abundance and beauty in jewelry

on November 25, 2023

Yellow gemstones have always been related in one way or another to the energy and power of the sun. A yellow jewel represents for many cultures a sign of abundance and wealth, and they are also considered symbols of elegance and exclusivity. The yellow color is associated with joy and optimism, and within the jewelry is one of the most sought after and preferred colors.

Yellow gemstones

There is a great variety of yellow gems nowadays, so we are going to make a summary of the most important and well-known ones.


It is one of the most famous yellow stones. It comes from the quartz family and has a hardness on the Mohs scale of 7, so it is very durable with minimal care. 

It is said that its name comes from the French word "citron" which means lemon and its shades can vary from pale yellow to deep orange.

The exquisite yellow color is mainly due to the presence of iron in its formation. 

In ancient times it was used as an amulet of protection against plague and skin diseases. It is also attributed with properties to fight against undue thoughts. These associations have given it great popularity.

At Albert Hern you can find that dream accessory with citrine stone:

Lemon Quartz

It is a yellow crystal formed of silicon dioxide and is the gemstone that is found in abundance, which allows jewelers to be more demanding in terms of quality. Only the most exquisite and rare are traded.

It is extracted especially from metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rocks in Brazil. Lemon quartz has a light yellow color with bright green hues.

It is known in Brazil as "Ouro Verde" which means green gold. It is associated with the gifts of perseverance, constancy and mental balance. It symbolizes purity, vigor and passion.

Here is a small sample of what you can find in Albert Hern with Lemon Quartz:

Golden Pearl

It is an organic yellow precious stone that forms in oysters and mussels from nacre. The golden pearl grows in golden-lipped oysters located in the South Sea. They occupy a privileged place among all pearls, due to their size and commercial value. 

Generally, these gems are compared with gold gemstones, and some of them are usually submitted to some practices to intensify or perfect their color. Practice that is not done in Albert Hern's house, since we trade with gems as perfect as nature can create, of ethical origin and without certified laboratory modifications.

If you want to have a golden pearl, check this option from Albert Hern:

Yellow Sapphire

From the list of yellow crystal names, sapphire may be overlooked because of the belief that all sapphires are green. But there is a kind of corundum that is found in shades of greenish yellow to deep yellow. This yellow color is due to the rare traces of iron in its composition.

Yellow sapphires are extremely durable stones thanks to their value of 9 on the Mohs scale. They are associated with compassion and wisdom, and it is believed that it can attract happiness and prosperity.

There are many dazzling pieces with this kind of sapphire at Albert Hern:


Yellow Tourmaline

Yellow tourmaline is a rare variety of elbaite.  Its shades include light yellow, daffodil yellow, champagne yellow, to banana yellow.  It is a stone associated with purity and harmony and is used in meditation practices to enhance concentration and introspection.

Following new findings of this tourmaline in 2000 in Malawi, it has become one of the most widespread names of yellow gemstones in the world. It can also be found in Tanzania, Brazil. Madagascar and Sri Lanka.

You will surely love these tourmaline accessories:



Yellow or golden jade is the rarest type of nephrite in existence, and can be found in shades from pale yellow to deep golden yellow. In China, translucent light yellow, almost cream-colored stones are known as "mutton fat jade". The yellow hue is due to tantalum ions or inclusions in the crystal structure. It is associated with love and protection, as well as peace and spiritual wisdom.

Yellow gemstones - yellow jade



Yellow topaz is a very extravagant type of mineral with pale, yellowish traces in its composition.

There are also yellow topaz stones and crystals (which are actually brown gems) that have been heat treated. The rarest yellow topaz known is the imperial topaz, which features a yellow, pink and orange combination and happens to be the most expensive of all.

Here you can find some examples of accessories with natural yellow topaz, untreated and of certified origin:



Amber is one of the best known and it debates the position between yellow and orange.

It is a stone of organic origin, being also one of the few gems, like coral and pearl, that is formed thanks to the action of living beings, specifically trees. 

It is believed to have a strong connection with the earth and to help balance energies, which makes it very popular as an accessory.

It is known that prehistoric civilizations already made jewelry from amber stones, and used them to adorn tombs. The symbolism of this stone has varied throughout history, and various curious healing properties have been attributed to it.

yellow gemstones

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