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The secrets of the Aquamarine initial necklace

on June 08, 2023

There are very good reasons why Albert Hern's aquamarine initial necklaces are the perfect items to wear with elegance.

Made with brilliant oval-cut gemstones in beautiful natural colors, a specialty of the designer, they are carefully crafted to look aesthetically pleasing in beautiful patterns ideal for everyday wear, whatever your style.

Aquamarines are one of the favorite stones for initial pendants, thanks to their beautiful blue tones reminiscent of the crystalline sea.

Let's review a bit about their symbolism, meanings and characteristics.


Aquamarine Symbolism

Aquamarine literally means "Sea Water" given its similarity to the most crystalline and pure regions of the calm sea and is the birthstone of the month of March.

In ancient times, this was known as the mermaids' stone and was a popular amulet for sailors and merchants who frequently traveled at sea, as it was believed that it could prevent boating accidents. It was also called "the sailor's stone".

For hundreds of years aquamarine has been a favored gem of exchange. Legend has it that if someone gave one of these beautiful blue gems as a gift of love, it would serve as an amulet.


Aquamarine Initial Letter Pendants

Aquamarine initial letter pendants are elegant and timeless jewelry, made for anyone to wear without fear, as they suit any style.

The delicate reactions of genuine aquamarine when it comes in contact with light gives it a subtle but very striking appearance. A key property in elegant jewelry.

If you're looking for a meaningful gift or gift jewelry that steps out of the generic and can really combine the symbolic and the functional well, it's an option you can't pass up. After all, a name, just like a genuine piece of jewelry, is forever.


Meaning of an initial letter in Aquamarine

An aquamarine initial letter has several profound meanings. Usually, aquamarines are ideal gifts for those who love the sea, or the ocean in general, so it is a symbol of these particular landscapes.

Aquamarines were believed to be stones of loyalty, courage and protection. Being associated with an initial letter it takes on a direct meaning with the personality of the wearer. Either because they are values that he already possesses or that he wants to attract into his own life.

Aquamarines are the birthstone for the month of March, so it can symbolize the birth date of the wearer.


What makes this accessory unique?

Albert Hern's aquamarine initial letter has select gems of natural origin, no chemical treatments or laboratory artifice, ethically proven origin.

Since the gems are hand-cut, they present unique and unrepeatable light patterns, since the small details that are generated when they are worked create a kind of fingerprint.

The entire piece is mounted on a completely solid and authentic gold base. No gold plating or gold filled covers. They will easily pass any test.

Each initial letter is unique and unrepeatable and can be personalized, both in the type of gold and in the chain which can be made of matching metal or a sturdy and elegant cord.

If you wish to add even more personalization, such as other colored gemstones, you can contact us and we will make your dream initial letter necklace materialize right in your home or in our store in Miami.


Details of your creation: what is behind the collection?

The initial letter collection has a great sentimental value with the brand and we know that also for those who give them as gifts (or buy them for themselves).

There is nothing more intimate than our own name or that of a special person we hold close to our heart. Therefore, there is nothing better than a fine piece of jewelry, designed down to the smallest detail with authentic materials, so that its symbolism lasts forever.

Pieces that can empower everyday style, let your inner gem shine and carry a deep meaning. That's what we do and what you too can wear today.


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