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Shooting Star Jewelry | A Dream Trend

on June 08, 2023

Looking at the sky and marveling at the brightness of the stars at dusk is perhaps one of the things that inspires us more peace and tranquility, an instnate in which we can think or feel inspired.

Albert Hern's shooting star jewelry collection is inspired by all those moments when watching a shooting star pass by, we recite in our mind a great wish.

From small gold charms, to beautiful starry sets with precious stones, there will always be a beautiful star for every longing in your heart.

Let's review some shooting star jewelry ideas and designs together, you might find something that represents you.


Shooting star jewelry design

Albert Hern is known for bringing its customers jewelry with meaning. Accessories that can be worn not only for their great beauty but also for what they represent.

The shooting star jewelry is a classic, fun and cheerful category, ideal for sensitive people with powerful desires, who can look fantastic regardless of age, culture or trend of the moment.

These are ideal jewelry as gifts for those special people who often look to the sky for a chance to make a wish.


How about checking out some ideas?

The moon is the ideal companion to a beautiful night of stars. Inspired by the night sky, these beautiful mismatched shooting star and waning moon themed earrings are crafted.

An elegant and fun piece of jewelry, handcrafted in very sturdy 14 karat solid gold with matching diamonds to give that dazzling twinkling effect that every star deserves.

It's a perfect piece for those looking to safely explore the new trend of mismatched earrings.

Earrings 14kt Gold Shooting Star & Diamonds Studs

Some shooting stars pass through the firmament letting themselves be seen very well and others, go so fast that it makes us feel doubtful that we have even seen them.

Diamond studs in solid 14 karat gold, combined with the elegance of real precious metals. 78 round brilliant cut diamonds, for a realistic and dazzling aesthetic that simulates a beautiful miniature shooting star.


Ring 14kt Gold Stars Wrap & Diamonds

Dazzling shooting stars will take you by the hand straight to your desires with this beautiful shooting star wrap ring design in shimmering yellow gold and matching diamonds.

A bold design with carefully detailed aesthetics. The ring features 102 beautiful sparkling diamonds and a solid 4.14 gram band of 14 karat gold, specifically chosen to withstand daily wear and stay beautiful.

Necklace 14kt Gold Moon And Star with Diamonds

A more understated design, with the moon as the protagonist and a shooting star disguising itself on the side. An ideal gift for lovers of the night sky.

With a classic cut, specially designed to be worn in all kinds of contexts, from the most casual styles to that beautiful gala dress.

Its 30 diamonds give it the ideal amount of brilliance with almost a carat of total weight, accompanying its 1.18 grams of authentic solid gold worked by hand.

Social Distance Star & Diamonds Bracelet

A beautiful, delicate and elegant bracelet is a must-have in your closet and in Albert Hern's collection, ideal to add sparkle to your day or evening wear.

This beautiful and refined bracelet is intended for daily and prolonged use, so its manufacture was based on a solid 14 carat gold, both in the construction of the adjustable chain and for the beautiful charms.

A couple of diamond accents are enough to give it that fleeting sparkle that is required in such an elegant piece of jewelry.

14kt Gold Open Stars & Diamonds Stud Earrings

Connecting a star charm to a series of diamond studs or a chain is an ingenious way to give this shooting star look in a subtle, eye-catching way.

Such is the inspiration for these open star studs and 58 diamond dots in yellow gold.

Ideal to wear in pairs or individually along with any stud of your choice to create that personalized seasonal on-trend effect.

Ring 14kt Gold 1 and a Half Row Star & Diamonds

This beautiful eternity band and half row perfectly captures the idea of a shooting star crossing the cosmos.

A simply beautiful jewel that is self-explanatory, handcrafted to incorporate 67 sparkling diamonds and 4.14 total grams of sturdy 14kt solid gold.

An iconic piece of shooting star jewelry from Albert Hern.

Earrings 14kt Gold 3 South Stars & Diamonds Studs

Have you ever noticed that the sparkle of a shooting star seems to linger in our eyes for more than a second?

Inspired by the joy we feel when we see a shooting star, that magic that makes us want to make a wish and the eternal glow of the stars in the sky, these cute little stars have been created.

They are a beautiful detail for those who prefer a tender and minimalist style, ideal for combining and mixing without overloading.


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