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Peridot jewelry | Totally out of this world

on June 08, 2023

Peridot is a one-of-a-kind gemstone, very special within the Albert Hern family for being the main gemstone in one of the brand's most famous and award-winning designs. In addition to being a spectacle of color and brilliance.

Gem quality peridot rivals emeralds and is one of the few stones that possess such an exquisite green color.

Did you know that peridot may actually come from outer space? Stick around and let's explore a couple of peridot wonders, ideas, designs and curiosities.


The true beauty of a peridot gemstone

Peridot is an idiochromatic gemstone, meaning that its color is not given by any imperfection in its structure. They are gems that can only be found in green shades.

This condition of purity makes clean peridot very appreciated, as they are symbolically pure.

To top it off, the darker ranges of color in peridot are relatively unique, so when properly set in settings that allow it to bring out the color, very exotic and eye-catching jewelry is created. Something that is not easy to do with any other gemstone.


A gem with cultural and symbolic value

Peridot is mentioned in the bible as part of the ornaments on the pectoral plates of the high priests. The "pitdah", the Hebrew name for peridot, has been used since ancient Egypt as part of amulets and ritual accessories for the worship of the sun god.

This was the favorite stone of Empress Cleopatra, so it is often used in Egyptian-inspired jewelry, full of careful details and ornaments.

Over the years, during the Middle Ages, peridot was associated with the power of consciousness, the eternity of light (because of its association with the sun) and romantic love.

Some peridot gems have very strange origins and have been trafficked throughout the world, sometimes mistaken for emeralds.

As if that were not enough, all the traditional material that accompanies this beautiful gem, the peridot jewelry is also used to celebrate those born in the month of August.



Peridot meteorite jewelry

Although it may seem incredible, there are many gem quality peridots that have come to earth thanks to the collision of an asteroid with the surface of the planet.
Either because they were found inside the asteroid, or because the pressure from the collision caused eruptions that brought the peridot to the surface. This particular gem is known as space peridot.

Although most commercial peridot is of terrestrial origin, it is true that it is possible to find a good deal of supply of peridot meteorite jewelry.

Meteorite peridot jewelry holds a truly unique meaning of eternity. It is a way of expressing a love, affection and beauty that is not of this world.


Where do you get meteorite peridot?

Usually, space peridot is found in palasite meteorite impact zones. Logically, it is very rare for a space peridot to have the necessary gem quality. Very few of them have been faceted, Russia being the bearer of one of the largest collections of this type.

Some deposits exploited by the Egyptians thousands of years ago may have interesting relationships with asteroid falls.

At the moment Pakistan, Myanmar and Vietnam have the highest quality deposits in the world, but it can be found with relative ease in at least 10 other locations in the world, including the United States.


An award-winning peridot

Albert Hern is proud to have among his most distinguished collection, a beautiful 47.28 carat gem quality peridot ring, winner of third place in the "Evening Wear" category of the AGTA Spectrum.

One of the highest honors within the world's fine jewelry of colored gemstones and cultured stones.

Reason that has made peridot one of the favorite gems for Albert Hern's collections.


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