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Our favorite Positive Energy Jewelry | Gemstones that you can feel

on June 08, 2023

Whether it's the color of the gemstones, the tradition of the materials or a particular aesthetic aspect, there are jewels that simply convey happiness, joy and motivation. Positive energy jewelry.

This ability of gems to express feelings, beyond glitter or fashion, serves as a constant inspiration for Albert Hern's creations.

Let us show you some pieces from our collection with which you can keep it simple, forget about complex trends for a moment and fill yourself with good vibes.


Aquamarine: Protection and peace

Aquamarine is the birthstone of March and has a very long tradition as a protective amulet dating back more than a thousand years.

Although its symbolism is not directly associated with positive energy, it was used in many ancient rituals to repel evil, prevent disasters or accidents and ward off negative energy.

Aquamarine jewelry is prized because it does not compete with the outfit or other accessories. They do not seek to dazzle everyone around them, on the contrary, they have a more reflective and personal beauty, which catches the most detailed eyes.

The best aquamarines have exquisite blue tones reminiscent of a calm ocean, evoking feelings of well-being, safety and security.


Amethyst: Mystery and Protection

Amethysts are ancient gemstones, used in jewelry for over 3,000 years as a protective amulet against negative energy.

In addition to their enigmatic beauty, Amethyst crystals were reserved for use by the highest Egyptian priests, leaders and military, given their ability to repel evil spirits. According to ancient belief.

Amethyst jewelry keeps a rich tradition closely linked to positive energies, being very striking, elegant and completely timeless pieces. Although they can be worn all the time, they look particularly good in elegant compositions and evening styles.

Deep violet amethysts become very valuable and are a sight to behold, even in small accessories.


Emerald: The Joy of the Heart

Emeralds are known to be one of the original four precious gems along with ruby, diamond and sapphire.

Quality emeralds are extremely rare. So much so, that most members of the world's various royal families have worn them for generations as a symbol of distinction and status.

Emeralds are associated with power of the heart, justice and wisdom. These conceptions make them stand out very well as positive energy jewelry.

If you choose emerald jewelry as your amulet, you will have a perfect accessory to wear whenever you want, as they can be worn for generations without going out of style.


Citrine: The gem of the sun

Citrine was considered in Roman antiquity as a crystallized fragment of the sun. The golden tones of a high quality Citrine stone tend to evoke feelings of joy, abundance and fulfillment.

In the earliest historical records, Citrine was thought to hold within it large amounts of accumulated positive energy.

Citrine jewelry fits very well with people who are optimistic or who frequently look for the bright side of things, materializing it in a symbolic way in their lives. A beautiful citrine jewelry is timeless and perfect to wear at all times.


Tourmaline: A gem of protection

Tourmaline is a gemstone traditionally prized in jewelry for its wide variety of colors, in fact, its name is taken from an ancient linguistic root meaning "Stone of mixed colors".

This gem is the symbol of artists and is often used to represent positive energy in jewelry.

Creating Tourmaline jewelry is not easy work, but once finished, they convey joy, passion and great style. They are perfect for bold accessories to bring light to even the heaviest environments. It is also the birthstone of October.

There is a very old belief that Tourmalines can absorb negative energies and protect their wearers from their influence. Is it true?


Sapphires: A gem of royalty 








Diamonds: The strongest gem 







Rubies: Symbol of wealth 



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