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Multi stone initial necklace | A world of colors and joy

on June 08, 2023

Giving (or receiving) an initial pendant is a great demonstration of love, but when it's a multi stone initial necklace it can come to represent everything that makes that special person who they are, even if it's yourself.

Handmade by Albert Hern, considering the highest standards of fine jewelry and exceptional care in the details, make them one of the most beautiful and meaningful pieces in all his collections.

How about looking at some ideas together?


Multicolor initial necklace

The multi stone initial necklace is designed to look as elegant and timeless as any piece of fine jewelry deserves.

Stylized aesthetic patterns, very well selected colored gemstones and careful handwork to detail. On this point it should be noted that handmade jewelry is completely unique, since its manufacture will never be the same twice.

The hand-polished oval cut gems also feature unique color patterns.

By wearing a multi color stone initial necklace you can be sure that you have a piece of jewelry that is custom made for you.



These beautiful initial letter pendants are made of solid 18 karat gold, with no plating or filled metals.

The gold base, which can be chosen between yellow, rose or white, contains a wide range of multicolored sapphires, rubies, amethysts or tanzanites of natural origin, completely ethically sourced.

The oval cut stones have a much larger appearance than others of the same weight. In addition, being a variant of the round cut, they happen to be very bright, so this luxury accessory will not go unnoticed.

To complement the design, some round cut diamonds are incorporated to create a unique contrast to the eye. No stone was altered in laboratories.


Find your own meaning

An initial letter is something very personal, thinking about it we wanted to create a whole infinite experience of possible combinations, symbolisms, meanings and alternatives, so that everyone could find their own multicolored letter, with gems that match their inner glow.

Can you imagine a better gift than that?

Metals and gems are associated with multiple ancestral meanings that you can identify with or simply choose the color palette that goes best with your own style to wear on a daily basis.

Yellow gold, for example, is synonymous with abundance, white gold conveys elegance and rose gold sensibility.

For the rainbow of precious gems the meanings are immensely broad, but we can summarize the most popular ones into:

  • Blue sapphires for the mind and righteous thinking.
  • Pink sapphires for sensitivity and empathy.
  • Red sapphires for powerful desires.
  • Orange sapphires for energy and movement.
  • Yellow sapphires for abundance.
  • Amethyst for the most spiritual.
  • Tanzanite for noble souls.
  • Tsavorite for those who connect with nature.
  • Citrine for positive energy.
  • Aquamarine for protection.
  • Ruby for love and desire.
  • Peridot for clear vision.

Do any of these meanings resonate with you or your special someone? Find the ideal blend for you and make it happen with us in a multicolored initial letter gemstone, worthy of representing your inner gemstone.


Cool and interesting initial necklace

These beautiful initial letters with multiple gemstones and semi-precious stones in unique colors stand out with a natural subtlety, making them suitable for all types of styles.

From cocktail parties to an impromptu outing a few blocks away downtown, your initial letter will allow you to empower your everyday style whenever you want.

The best part, is that the beauty of these delicate pieces of fine jewelry is loaded with personal symbolism that can range from the wearer's favorite color, to their gemstone of birth, to the bond they share with the ancestral tradition of each gemstone.


Pendant with initial letters in alternative colors

The initial letters collection has a special category, inspired by the breath of snow and all those people who have been indestructible in the face of hardship like diamonds.

This is the Winter Collection. Initial letters made of solid gold of the customer's choice, with multiple select oval and round brilliant cut diamonds, offering an alternative and premium color experience for those luxury styles.


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