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Most Popular Solitaire Engagement Rings

on June 08, 2023

There are many ways to choose and design a solitaire engagement ring, even though they are relatively simple, the details are the key to finding that dream piece that suits the tastes of that special person who will treasure it forever.

We will explore the magic of the solitaire and provide you with some inspiration to find that dream piece.


What do we call a solitaire engagement ring?

A solitaire ring is a piece of jewelry usually intended for the moment of engagement or as a wedding band, consisting of a single center stone that crowns a precious metal band.

Since the center of attention in the ring is a single stone, the hardest stones such as sapphires/rubies and of course diamonds, the undisputed favorites in this model, are chosen.

This piece has become a traditional classic since the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I gave one to the wealthy Duchess Marie de Bourgogne as a symbol of his power.


Why are they so popular?

Solitaire engagement rings have a powerful visual effect, because having a central stone is sought to have an exquisite cut, good clarity and almost always a considerable size, giving it a timeless touch reminiscent of the jewels of ancient royalty.

These designs are mostly simple, but can be found with thousands of symbolic details such as contoured bands, colorful center stones and flashes of smaller diamonds in the rim.

Thanks to its long tradition in important families, a solitaire engagement ring is the classic fairytale dream come true no matter what gemstone it carries.


What should I look for when choosing a good solitaire?

It is enough to find the details that make this alliance something symbolic and for that you have to look for inspiration. Of course, there are always elements such as the clarity of the stone, the authenticity of the materials and the budget.

Platinum, white gold and a princess or oval cut diamond piece can be a good place to start.


Princess cut solitaire ring

A princess cut diamond is one of the best cuts for solitaire engagement ring. It is a model is elegant, brilliant and has all those aspects of classic style that fall in love.

It's a great way to highlight a center gemstone of certified clarity (VVS2), especially when the base is an exquisite 18 karat white gold.


Not-so-solitaire solitaire

Diamond details through a delicate white gold band are the best way to complement a gem whose cut is not focused on brilliance but on depth and color: the emerald cut.

While the constant sparkles of the smaller diamonds attract attention and seek to dazzle and then yield the limelight, the central diamond (VVS2 clarity) will stand out above all thanks to its demanding geometry, all a team effort.


The magic and brilliance of the oval cut

To make a much more classic dream come true, the oval cut diamond in platinum is the perfect piece. Its beautiful sparkles are the promise of an encouraging future, with an exquisite metal of unparalleled texture and class.


The oval cut is by far one of the most coveted when it comes to solitaire engagement ring designs, thanks to the distinctive sparkle this cut achieves, where only the type of setting usually varies.


Another way to stand out

By using different levels in the position and size of the diamond, truly stunning effects can be achieved, for those ladies whose presence is dazzling.

A solitaire oval cut engagement ring raised on an 18K brilliant white gold band, with small round diamonds as a delicate detail, a jewel that will look magnificent with the slightest touch of light.


Ruby Fantasy

A good way to get personality in a solitaire ring is to look for details on the band, engravings, fancy doubles or faux aerial designs.

An alternative to diamond? Rubies and sapphires are precious gems that stand out in a solitaire.


Emerald cut in platinum

Experimenting with the type of metal is very important to find that ideal piece of jewelry. The emerald cut not only looks fabulous on white gold in a vintage engagement ring, it also looks fantastic on a platinum band, which is more durable and coveted.

The best way to show your love that it is as unique as the rarest and most exclusive metals, beautiful and timeless as the most beautiful.


Find yours or make it happen

A classic ring like the solitaire design can be perfectly customizable to your own style.

If you can dream it here at Albert Hern we can make it possible, take a look at our collection or contact us to make together that piece that seals one of the most important and beautiful moments of your life.


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