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Mismatched earrings for sale | Combines the unexpected

on June 16, 2023

If you've been paying attention, you've probably seen one or two mismatched earrings for sale out there and maybe you thought when you saw them that they've been mismatched at the counter, but the truth is that they are a trend.

If you haven't tried this style yet let us tell you that you've been missing out on a great experience that has taken jewelry customization to another level.

Want to know more? We'll dig more into the topic and put some examples on the table that are going to surprise you below.


Mismatched earrings trend

For a while now we have been talking about new trends and the need to look for jewelry that represents something symbolic for the wearer, a piece of her personality. In this search for personalization, the mismatched earrings trend was born, which was seen in a passing way in the early nineties and today has ruled the most demanding catwalks.

The reason? Simple. Having mismatched earrings opens endless doors to customization: a large hoop with a stud, a long detachable earring with a short one, different dangling charms on each lobe and, of course, the iconic single hoop on one side only.

Let's review some models:


Asymmetrical gemstones

Asymmetrical gemstones have been in our flagship collections for some time now and, if they already looked beautiful before, now they stand out much more, accompanied by the sparkle of the trend.

These earrings are an ideal approach for all those who want to try this style. The oval cut gems in elongated arrangement create a perfect frame for the face, very striking without having to wear several earrings in the same ear and look great with a group of centrally arranged gems. 

Elegant diamond

When you start exploring the world of mismatched earrings you might think it's all about being flashy, extreme and colorful, nothing could be further from the truth.

The idea of this trend is the freedom to mix and match, to mix and match, to choose what is comfortable with your style and to create artistic compositions. The trick is to see the two earrings as pieces of a set, not as a pair that must always be identical.

For those who love safe formulas, but want to experiment, you can choose the classic white gold with diamonds, respecting the proportion of size, but alternating the figure or the symbol of the earring. 

Mismatched colored earrings

One thing we love about this trend is that it is for all types of people: they can be used to enhance everyday style, to surprise in a meeting (ideal for teleconferences) and to create very striking cocktail outfits.

For those who like to take care of proportions, and having earrings of uneven sizes feels a bit out of the comfort zone, you can play with colors and gems to great effect. 

Mismatched stud earrings

A great way to experience the trend and incorporate it into everyday wear is by wearing Mismatched stud earrings.

Mismatched stud earrings can make a big impact if you choose a good quality gold and play appropriately with the shapes, patterns and overall style of the set. They are a safe, comfortable bet with great personality. 


Life hack: Detachable earrings - A mismatched earring set

Here's a great life hack: Detachable earrings can be a safe way to wear mismatched earrings.

While these types of earrings are made for comfort and being able to choose when to wear them full or not, who's stopping you from wearing one long and the other short or just one and done? No one! No fashion police here.


This is a clever way to get in on the trend and turn everyday jewelry choices into what they should be: a fun, artistic and all-around activity with which to empower your own style.


There are a lot of questions about this, we understand, especially from new entrants to the trend world, so we've compiled some of the frequently asked questions we get, which we're happy to give you an answer to.


Are mismatched earrings in style?

In case there was any doubt: Yes, absolutely.

Wearing two different earrings on each side is totally in style and although it didn't have that much of a following until last year, it was already a powerful card to complement bolder styles way back when.

What to do with mismatched earrings?

You can perfectly wear your mismatched earrings as it feels comfortable for you. Some designers even sell single earrings (unpaired!) giving anyone the opportunity to choose how and with what to pair them.

You can wear just one earring, two different earrings in each ear, two matching earrings with different color tones and even vary the mismatched earring set with other pieces from your collection.


How to wear mismatched earrings?

If we decide to go wearing mismatched earrings we would already have an excellent composition to embellish the face. With the top covered, we can do without the necklace and bracelets, unless they are designed as a set, of course.

This is a trend of great personality, so we should not look at whether the earrings are well combined with each other or not, but how well they feel with the look you want to create. There are no style limits as they can look great without investing too much.


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