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Love Initial Necklaces

on June 08, 2023

The heart shape, the most distinctive symbol of romantic love around the world, a design that represents true love and a token of eternal affection.

The Heart Shape Pendant from the initial necklace collection is an important part of one of Albert Hern's most iconic and beautiful collections, full of multi-colored precious and semi-precious gems, as well as authentic hand-crafted metals. The ideal collection to choose for a meaningful and timeless gift.


Love Heart Initial Necklace

Albert Hern's heart-shaped pendant was designed for all those who want to represent their way of understanding love. It can be a symbol of unquenchable love in any of its forms.

This pendant from the initial necklace collection comes in a multicolor variant that includes different shades customizable with:

  • Deep blue sapphires for clarity of thought.
  • Soft pink sapphires for more sensitive personalities.
  • Orange sapphire for more active personalities.
  • Yellow sapphire for positive energy.
  • Ruby for passionate souls.
  • Tanzanite for spirituality
  • Tsavorite for those who connect better with nature.
  • Aquamarine for sea and beach lovers.

You can choose the one that best matches that special person's personality, what inspires in us, their favorite color and even their birthstone.

This 18kt gold jewelry, and each of its 8 oval gems is a unique piece because it was handmade with love and the highest quality standards that characterize us and include a beautiful matching gold chain or in a sturdy Leather Cord.


Peace and Love initial necklace

The Peace and Love symbol is another great favorite in Albert Hern's Initial Necklace collection. A piece capable of generating its own glow, a peaceful, dreamy and joyful energy.

This beautiful Love and Peace charm is handcrafted with solid 18 karat gold, 9 brilliant oval cut natural gemstones and accent diamonds. It can be customized with a color according to your preferred stones:

  • Blue sapphire for straight love.
  • Red sapphire for sensitive love.
  • Red sapphire for dedicated love.
  • Orange sapphire for the love in movement.
  • Yellow Sapphire for love that brings abundance.
  • Ruby for passionate love.
  • Tanzanite for love that brings peace of mind.
  • Tsavorite for love of nature.
  • Aquamarine for protective love.
  • Amethyst for spiritual or brotherly love.

Choose the color according to the date of birth, the preferred tone, by the symbolism they inspire or by the gem that lets shine better your inner light. The choice is yours, so the gift will be intimate.


Love letter initial necklace

If we are looking for something more literal, obvious and dazzling, a set of love letter necklace may be ideal.

The initial letters L - O - V - E are part of the brand's flagship oval collection and are handmade with 18 karat gold, selected oval cut gems, the quantity of which will depend on each letter, the carat weight being the same, with a large personalized component.

The stunning gold love letters are custom made, just as you dream them we can make them possible. Everything will be part of your own choice.

By visiting the store you will be able to order your beautiful gold love letters to create a set worthy of daily wear, as a set or solitaire, adding the meaning of your choice to each initial.

Love letter initial necklace



The meaning of giving an initial letter as a gift

Initial letters are one of our most personal pieces, next to engagement rings and eternity rings.

Giving an initial letter is a unique demonstration of affection, because you honor their name, their essence, that which makes us exactly what we are.

Another plus point with love initial necklaces is that they can be worn every day, as they are timeless and stand out in a subtle way, no matter what kind of outfit the wearer prefers. A safe choice like no other.


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