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Jewellery books worth the read

on June 16, 2023

Perhaps these jewellery books that we will recommend below are a unique theme for the most curious and a very nice way to enjoy the afternoon, a good book and a coffee.

The majesty of the most iconic jewels in history, myths, legends, spooky anecdotes and curious facts about the intricate world of fine jewelry.

Today we present you 8 jewelery books you need to read if you really love jewelry (expert or novice). An entertaining journey through the controversial world of gems and glamour.


Immortal pieces with something to say: Jewels that made history - 100 stones, myths and legends

Jewels that made history - 100 stones, myths and legends

"Jewels that Made History - 100 Stones, Myths and Legends" is an exquisite text by Stellene Volandes that positions the world's most iconic and influential jewels in their historical context. We do not have in our hands a boring compilation of data on the evolution of humanity, but an exquisite journey through time as seen and told by the jewels.

Pieces found in ancient excavations, the jewels of royalty along with the personalities behind each one, the jewels of lovers, glamorous gifts between powerful personalities, the magnificent pieces of Cleopatra and the hidden power of contemporary jewelry at the hands of figures such as Jennifer Lopez or Lady Gaga.

Jewels that have brought down empires and on which others have built, dramas, intrigues and shocking curious facts with unique anecdotes told with Volandes' lively guide, full of high quality images.


A graphic introduction to the world of gemmology: GEM - the ultimate visual guide

GEM - the ultimate visual guide

One of the best introductions for jewelry enthusiasts and a must-have for any jewelry library is undoubtedly "GEM - the definitive visual guide" published by DK Publishing in collaboration with The Smithsonian.

This is one of the most complete graphic publications in existence, full of references about gems, their characteristics, the mythology and traditions behind each one, precious metals, their uses, known and unknown adventures, as well as famous discoveries.

The most famous diamonds and stones in the world, the personalities behind them, curious facts and world records full of color and detail. From the basic elements that make up jewelry, to the most powerful brands in the industry, to the famous curse of the Hope Diamond, all in one.


What inspires a designer: Haute couture fine jewelry - contemporary heirlooms

Haute couture fine jewelry - contemporary heirlooms

What inspires a designer? Does cost or creativity matter? Beauty or audacity? Many questions that will answer themselves in this incredible issue by author and designer Olivier Dupon. "Fine Jewellery Couture: Contemporary Heirlooms" is one of the most complete jewellery design books and a compilation of 35 designers from around the world.

A cross section through the art of fine jewelry, the special way in which designers interpret beauty, what moves them and the art behind the design of a good jewelry of high caliber.

A perfect acquisition for new designers, fashion aficionados, jewelry lovers or those curious about the art behind a masterful piece. Daniela Villegas, Fernando Jorge, Margot McKinney, Nikos Koulis, Ornella Iannuzzi, Silvia Furmanovich and much more to see.


A Journey Through Western Design: Celebrating Jewelry - Exceptional Jewelry of the 19th and 20th Centuries

Celebrating Jewelry - Exceptional Jewelry of the 19th and 20th Centuries

The last 200 years of history in the world of jewelry told by David Bennett and Daniela Mascetti, two imposing figures of Sotheby's. An unmissable book full of images and exquisite references of western design where the greatest houses of the jewelry industry converge.

A key piece worth reading for any jewelry aficionado, with high quality photographs, detailed descriptions and digested historical references. Victorian tiaras and the influence of color on 20th century jewelry in a dazzling display.


The Why Behind the Beauty: Stoned - Jewelry, Obsession, and How Desire Shapes the World

Stoned - Jewelry, Obsession, and How Desire Shapes the World

What makes a piece of jewelry beautiful? What defines its true value? Why do we love gems so much? The obsession with shiny things? A psychological profile of the world of precious gems full of interesting facts comes to us from "Stoned - Jewelry, Obsession, and How Desire Shapes the World" by author Aja Raden.

A highly entertaining and interesting account even for the generally curious, where the human obsession behind shiny things is explained, as well as the evolution of our desire for more exquisite pieces of jewelry.


The Personalities Behind the Jewelry: Diamond Jewelry - 700 Years of Glory and Glamour

 Diamond Jewelry - 700 Years of Glory and Glamour

One thing that gives value to an antique piece of jewelry is not its sheer beauty or the way in which the designer's contemporary vision permeated the piece giving us an image of the era, but the personalities behind each piece of jewelry and the history, from its creation to the present day.

In "Diamond Jewelry - 700 Years of Glory and Glamour" by Diana Scarisbrick we will take a journey through seven centuries of drama, noble deeds, scandalous relationships, love affairs and tragedies that surrounded the most iconic diamond jewels along with the (equally impressive) personalities who requested and wore them.


Jewellery book for earrings: The Earrings Book

The Earrings Book Yvonne Kulagowski

"The Earrings Book" is a hidden gem from the hand of Yvonne Kulagowski. A rather technical but interesting overview of earring design in the context of high fashion, runways and the best criteria for choosing gems, metals and styles.

In addition to relevant data for any designer interested in modern-inspired earrings, the author raises complex elements such as equipment and working materials needed to carry out the most ambitious works.

An important and often neglected point that definitely has a great impact on the complex world of representational and expressionist art through accessories, with a section on earrings made exclusively for theatrical performances or exhibitions.


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