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How to clean diamond earrings

on June 16, 2023

Diamond earrings are beautiful and versatile accessories that match any outfit or style, making them valuable acquisitions for any modern jewelry lover, but despite being timeless, dirt can easily threaten their shine and aesthetics.

To make sure they are always like new and ready to dazzle everyone around you it is best to know a good routine to clean your diamond earrings at home without damaging them.

In this guide, we'll talk about everything you need to know so that dirt doesn't get the better of your beautiful jewelry.

Tools to clean gold diamond earrings

The first thing we have to inventory are the tools we have to clean our beautiful diamond earrings. From the simplest to the most specialized we have:


When cleaning any jewelry there is no better ally than a soft bristle brush, such as children's toothbrushes. In addition, some makeup brushes have the perfect texture to gently treat the earring and at the same time remove dirt without mercy.


To polish and dry your jewelry after an intense cleaning treatment there is nothing better than a pair of microfiber cloths, these are the ones that give the best results without compromising the integrity of your earring.

Background mantles

A good dark-colored lint-free cloth is a very good tool for cleaning earrings since using it as a base will create a contrast that will allow you to keep your jewelry in place at all times.

Safety containers

A glass or ceramic container is a good option to wash your diamond earrings. It is not advisable to use places such as the sink or sink to do the cleaning as they are a magnet for misfortune as far as tiny jewelry is concerned.

Cleaning Kits

If you have a lot of jewelry and want to pamper it properly, a diamond jewelry cleaning kit can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. These kits often include easy-to-apply submersion cleaning liquids.

If you want to purchase a professional-level one, take every precaution to ensure that the chemicals are not abrasive, toxic or potentially solvent to the specific materials in your jewelry.

Some diamond earrings include pearls, coral or amber, which do not react well to many cleaners.

Best way to clean diamond earrings at home

There are some easy home solutions to wash diamond earrings at home.

First, you should select a cleaning agent that will accompany you during the process and take care of the hard part for you. Always without abusing its use. The most effective ones are:


Vinegar is an extremely common household item and natural disinfectant in most kitchens, so it will be one of our first choices to dilute with water and assist us during cleaning.

Dish soap

Typical dishwashing soap is one of the most powerful household cleaning agents there can be. As long as you use standard versions without corrosive or extra harsh chemicals.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a powerful bleach, an essential part of professional housekeepers' cleaning kits. But you have to be very careful when using it, although it is an effective assistant, its granulated form must be diluted very well in water to create a paste before incorporating it in the cleaning.

The earrings are immersed in it for a while and then rinsed before rubbing, the idea is that no grains are present in the jewelry when rubbing to avoid damage.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a great ally to remove germs and bacteria in depth and clean surface dirt from diamond earrings. A small container can be filled and used as a dipping chemical.

The best setting to work with

Although we have mentioned it before, there is always room to emphasize how important it is to prepare the stage well before proceeding with the cleaning of diamond earrings or any other diamond jewelry.

Always work on a firm base such as a table, away from drains and similar places. Placing a dark-colored cloth on the work surface is also a good trick to avoid misplacing the smaller pieces.

Step by step to renew the beauty of your earrings

Here are the instructions to follow to rejuvenate your diamond earrings:

1. Prepare all the necessary setting and tools to work with peace of mind.

2. In a glass or ceramic container, add enough water to completely submerge your earrings.

3. Add liquid soap, vinegar or baking soda and mix well.

4. Soak the earrings for 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the level of dirt.

5. Remove the earrings from the mixture and rinse them again with clean water to remove any remaining residue.

6. Use the soft bristle brush to gently scrub the earring completely.

7. Rinse again in the solution and then in warm water.

8. Dry with a microfiber cloth.

How to polish diamond earrings?

Rarely is it necessary to polish a diamond earring to completely renew it, if years of wear are taking their toll, then it is the job of a professional jeweler.

Aside from a sure handkerchief and a lot of effort on your part, any attempt without the proper tools can end up damaging the jewelry instead of renewing it.

Never use sandpaper and abrasive elements that claim to polish your jewelry "professionally" at home. In 99% of the cases it will end up causing more damage than anything else.


Professional level: best way to clean diamond stud earrings

To clean stud earrings diamonds, we jewelers have ultrasonic cleaners and special chemicals for each type of alloy from unglazed white gold to bright yellow gold. If you really want to completely renew your earrings, choose a professional option.

Why is it necessary to clean earrings?

Diamond earrings are timeless and truly durable jewelry, one of their greatest attractions. The problem lies in the dirt that daily use can accumulate on them, especially oils, creams, sweat and residues of use as cuticles or hair.

All this accumulation of elements create layers that interfere with the entry and exit of light in the diamonds so that the brightness of the jewels is gradually fading over time if they do not receive good maintenance from time to time.

In addition, the small accesses of the setting in any jewelry are perfect safeguards for all kinds of unwanted microorganisms such as bacteria or germs that no one wants to have around. A good disinfection every now and then and you will be safe from them.

How often is a professional cleaning recommended?

At home, a monthly cleaning is more than enough to leave your beautiful earrings looking like new, ready to dazzle on any special occasion. If this jewelry is for daily use then it is recommended to increase the amount to twice a month.

As for professional cleanings, it is best to plan on one a year for your most worn jewelry.

Also, consider that the more delicate and detailed the design of your earrings, the more attractive the professional cleaning becomes over at-home alternatives.


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