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How often to clean engagement ring

on June 16, 2023

An engagement ring is a symbol that we will wear close to our heart forever, but daily wear brings with its certain challenges for the jewelry, before we know it, it ends up full of chemicals, oils and unwanted dirt. If you were to ask yourself how often to clean engagement ring you might be surprised by the answer.

how to clean my Wedding ring

Besides that, it's not all about frequency but how to do it correctly without our good intentions turning into accidental damage to our precious rings.
Let's tell you a little bit about when and how to clean your engagement ring.

Signs that it's time to clean my engagement ring

It is simply beautiful to see how the ring sparkles at the slightest contact with light. However, it is possible for it to lose that characteristic shine due to dirt accumulation.

You should have an idea that it's time to clean your engagement ring when you detect elements such as:

1. Discoloration on the diamond or gemstone.
2. A shiny film that could indicate the presence of oils.
3. Dull shine of the diamond.
4. Stones with little fire (light effect seen inside the diamond due to light bounce).
5. Dust accumulated in the setting.
These elements are a clear indication that it is time to get down to work to rejuvenate your beloved symbol of love.

How should you clean your engagement ring properly?

At this point it is always good to remember the saying "everything is allowed, but not everything is good for you". In our eagerness to keep our engagement ring clean, we may engage in practices that are detrimental to it. This includes chemicals, materials with unfavorable reactions or scratches.
Follow these basic tips when cleaning your engagement ring yourself at home:

Warm water and soap

One of the oldest and simplest techniques can be found in any home to take care of engagement ring cleaning. Yes, warm water and liquid soap (dish soap). These components are all you will need to give your engagement ring a good cleaning, along with a very soft toothbrush.
1. Heat some water and add the liquid soap.
2. Stir until you get enough lather.
Soak your ring for about 10 to 20 minutes.
4. Remove the ring from the soapy water and brush extra-carefully.
5. Rinse with warm water and dry with a lint-free cotton cloth.

Baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar are a very good combination to care for authentic solid gold pieces. This is also a good natural antiseptic that never hurts to eliminate more difficult bacteria.
IMPORTANT: Make sure that the baking soda dissolves very well and is not present when rubbing the ring as it could scratch the metal.
1. Pour ½ cup of vinegar with a little warm water.
2. Add half a tablespoon of baking soda and stir.
3. Soak the ring for 10 minutes.
4. Take the jewelry out of the solution you prepared and brush it with a very soft toothbrush, like a baby toothbrush.
5. Gently clean as much as you consider and rinse with warm water.

Hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol

Hydrogen peroxide is a wonderful and safe solution for almost all fine jewelry. Also called hydrogen peroxide, it can be found in any medicine cabinet and is ideal for removing viruses that can survive for several days on surfaces such as these.
Use a soft, residue-free cloth to apply it. It is also valid to use alcohol as long as your jewelry does not include plastic, organic (such as pearls) or acrylic elements.

Professional solutions

There are solutions for fine jewelry pieces that can work magic to dissolve and remove dirt on engagement rings. They are highly recommended as long as you make sure that the label specifies that it does not contain added chemicals such as bleach, acetone or corrosives of any kind.
These are basically pinking and wiping off with a cloth or toothbrush. If you decide to use a professional jewelry cleaner, we strongly suggest you read the package insert or directions for use very well to make sure it works for your particular jewelry.

How often should the engagement ring be cleaned?

You should clean your engagement ring before and after use if you frequently leave your home and have been exposed to social contact at any time. In normal wear you can do a gentle cleaning every two weeks, a deep cleaning every month and it is advisable to take it to the jeweler for a touch-up treatment every couple of years.

Every two weeks

Daily soiling is usually easy to remove, usually hair gel, hairspray, moisturizers, oils, liquid residue from the kitchen or small specks of dust from a garment. For this the soap and water method explained above is ideal. This will take about 20 minutes and your jewelry will thank you in the long run.
Remember that diamonds and gemstones are resistant, but not indestructible. Be gentle and give them the care they deserve.

Once a month

Make space in your monthly schedule to take a couple of minutes to give your engagement ring or wedding band a thorough cleaning. Anything that may have slipped by in the weekly cleanings is time for it to go. At this point it's good to turn to solutions like vinegar with baking soda or jewelry cleaner.
Remember not to go overboard and soak your pieces for too long or we could wreak real havoc.

Professional cleaning: every half year?

Most experts may recommend a professional deep cleaning every 6 months, but... Between so many engagements a year this is not always a realistic proposition. Of course, it would be ideal and your jewelry would appreciate it, giving it a much longer life span, but if you have decided to extend this period to a year or a year and a half, it is valid.

Remember that jewelry stores have special tools and knowledge to renew your pieces. In addition, they can check if the settings are in a condition to properly protect your diamond.

If you are interested in knowing more contact us, we can clean your ring for free!

Is it bad to clean your engagement ring every day?

In an ordinary context, no one should clean their engagement ring every day because they risk compromising the structure of the metal and the quality of the gemstones. But for health reasons, such as exposure to viruses, if you find it necessary to do it every day because you are constantly away from home, you should do it.

Things to avoid when washing your engagement ring

Avoid at all costs using paper towels when cleaning your engagement ring. Likewise, it is not advisable to add hairspray, bleach, acetone or oils to give shine to the stones, which can eventually cause the opposite effect.
It is important to emphasize again not to use strong chemicals for a long time and much less to acquire cleaners that contain added chemical and corrosive elements that can put your precious stones at risk.
Keep pearls and porous elements away from alcohol and do not rub the metal too hard when cleaning. This also applies to cleaning services with agitators or ultrasonic cleaners that can cause loss of strength in the settings, resulting in the loss of a stone.


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