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Diamond earring stamps

on June 25, 2021

Stamps on diamond earrings help suppliers to identify the characteristics of their pieces at a glance, to recognize the authenticity of their products in the future and, of course, provide valuable information to the consumer.

Diamond earring stamps

Unfortunately, most customers are unaware of the real meaning of the stamps on their jewelry and many myths and misconceptions are created around them.

Today we have decided to create a basic guide with everything you need to know about diamond earring markings.


Diamond earring markings

Some earrings bear markings to identify the type of precious metal they are made of, as long as it is gold, silver and platinum. In addition, other alloys such as stainless steel rarely require specific markings. When earrings are inlaid with diamonds, they also usually carry the carat weight of the diamond.

All diamond jewelry with a certain amount of precious metal (including veneers) that is marked must mandatorily include the hallmarks of the supplier, manufacturer, distributor, patent or the branch where the jewelry is purchased. This is a requirement in the USA.

Although many other characteristics of diamond jewelry are controlled, there are no universal standards for hallmarks. The nomenclature and legal obligations regarding them vary from country to country.


Where are earrings hallmarked?

Many earring settings do not have as much space to be marked, so it all depends on the design.

Most likely the markings will be directly on the tip of the earring. Hoops, on the other hand, can be marked discreetly on the inside of the band, without being obvious to curious observers and without damaging the aesthetics of the earring.

In any case, not all earrings include markings and this does not mean that they are not authentic. Any piece that cannot be marked, or whose marking is unintelligible, must be delivered with a certificate of appraisal that includes the complete characteristics of the product stamped and signed by the supplier.


What does 14ks mean?

The gold or metal hallmark is one of the most common hallmarks found on any piece of jewelry, that of course includes earrings. The purity of gold is measured from 24 parts (completely pure gold). Since pure gold is not strong enough, it is normal for other metal parts to be included.

  • A 24k gold is 100% pure gold
  • An 18k gold is 18 parts gold, with 4 parts of metal such as silver. In this case 75% pure gold.
  • The 14ks mark means that the piece is made of 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of another metal. In other words, it is 58.33% pure gold.

There are different ways to stamp these hallmarks on earrings. Common markings can be .750 or .583 which refer to 18 karat and 14 karat gold respectively. The .950 mark usually refers to 95% platinum.


The importance of a stamp on earrings

There is a genuine concern towards high gold or platinum content earrings for hypoallergenic reasons. The stamps are a quick way to identify the degree of purity of the metal, assuring consumers with sensitive skin that their earrings are safe and will not cause allergies.

Some customers who are allergic to gold may respond well to PL or PLAT stamped earrings which, because they are not accompanied by any numbers, are 100% pure.


A trademark is not a seal of authenticity.

Although a supplier can identify its trademark on any earring and even differentiate it from very good imitations, it must be recognized that these can't be seen as a guarantee of authenticity.

When a diamond jewelry leaves a primary supplier or manufacturer and enters the secondary trade (resellers, pawnbrokers, non-certified pawnshops...) a trademark cannot assure you that your diamond has not been altered or is a fake.

To avoid this, purchase your products with reputable agents, through legal channels of ethical origin such as our online store or any recognized brand you trust. This is the only guarantee that your investment is backed.

If you still decide to purchase your diamond earrings in resale and doubt the supplier *have your jewelry appraised* or apply some techniques to determine if your diamond is authentic, after all, center diamonds are usually the most valuable component in this type of pieces.

by Kelly Sgarioto on May 15, 2023

I was wondering what does signed Stud EX USA mean. My father said it was a diamond in the middle of the earring stud.. And it is very clear and bright like one.
Thank you….

by Traci L Kiff on May 15, 2023

If there is KJL on the back of a “diamond “ earring would it indicate it has value?


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