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Can you buy yourself an evil eye bracelet?

on June 08, 2023

Jewelry against the evil eye comes from an ancient tradition, which has survived since Ancient Mesopotamia. Today, the famous eye symbol is still part of fine jewelry collections, for its unique beauty and meaning.

Many people are in love with this amulet, but what exactly does it mean, can i buy myself an evil eye bracelet?

Let's explore what makes us fall in love and amazes us about this jewelry, as well as its symbolism.


What is the evil eye?

If we review the history behind the evil eye we will realize that it has been present practically since the origin of civilized society. Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece?

In short, it is believed that the simple look of an envious or ill-intentioned person can curse another.

Victims of this evil eye experience misfortunes, tragedies, bad luck and unexplained illnesses that appear and disappear out of nowhere. Usually, the victims are innocent or unsuspecting.

This means that the negative energy of the evil eye can come from a distant bystander or from someone who congratulates you on your accomplishments, but is envious of your success.

It is thought that, by using the evil eye symbol, all negative energy that comes from this way is reflected back to the one who sent it.


What does the evil eye jewelry mean?

Jewelry against the evil eye is as old as the very belief of the evils in the world.

Even within the Bible, reference is made to the symbol of the eye as a protective amulet, in this case, in the form of the Nazar or Nazars.

Muslims, Jews and Buddhists also have one or another reference to this symbol. In all of them, the use or meaning is the same. Spiritual protection against bad energies or misfortunes.

The evil eye jewelry is, then, a talisman representing positive energies.

Some cultures, especially in the Latin one, the jewelry with the symbol of the evil eye is one of the first gifts that babies receive because, being innocent, they are more exposed than anyone else. So much so, that excessive praise of very young children by strangers becomes frowned upon.

Although, as stated earlier, this is a belief that is thousands of years old and does not necessarily represent everyone's experience.


Why do people love evil eye jewelry?

The eye symbol is one of the most representative figures of the human body, as well as Ancient Egypt. We associate it, unconsciously, with wisdom, ancestral power and the presence of God everywhere.

This type of jewelry is aesthetically striking and when it includes fine materials in its manufacture, you can easily appreciate that timeless fashion detail.


Many people wear evil eye jewelry as a way to ward off negative energies, misfortune and bad luck. It is a popular gift, as it is associated with a positive meaning.

An outstanding curiosity of this type of jewelry is that it is believed that its wearer, in addition to being protected, is unable to transmit negative energy, so it cannot unintentionally curse others.

Given the importance of this symbol as a gift, many people doubt whether or not they can buy one for themselves.


Can you buy evil eye jewelry for yourself?

Then can you buy yourself an evil eye bracelet? Of course you can!

Although, traditionally speaking, evil eye jewelry is understood as a gift to be given to those people who need protection, such as babies and pregnant mothers, you can actually buy one for yourself, with the same result.

If you buy your own evil eye jewelry, you will have that symbolic protection against negative energies.


Is it okay to wear evil eye jewelry?

When we say that many people love the evil eye stone symbol and that it looks great as a fine accessory, we mean it.

If you want to compare references, you can see some good examples of evil eye necklaces on celebrities like Sofia Vergara, Rita Ora and Jennifer Aniston. All made in fine materials and worn in gala events with a simply modern and symbolic result.

Can you buy yourself an evil eye bracelet?


The evil eye bracelets are much more traditional and representative, looking fantastic even in the most delicate and minimalist compositions. For example, here's a button. Meghan Markle is recognized, among many things, for her beautiful jewelry. Among her favorites is a beautiful and delicate golden evil eye bracelet.

Other celebrities like kim kardashian also have beautiful evil eye bracelets in their favorite collection.

evil eye bracelets albert hern blog


Having said that... can you buy evil eye jewelry for yourself? You should!


Alternative evil eye Jewelry

When it comes to trends, we can agree that not everything is for everyone. No matter how ancestral and mystical a figure is, if we feel it's not part of our style or just doesn't go with what we normally wear, it's a resounding no.

Does this mean we can't make it work for us? Not at all.

One way to make it possible is by choosing garments that are inspired by the traditional evil eye figure, that keep some symbolism, but prioritize a more refined aesthetic.


Let's look at some examples:

White Gold Ceylon Sapphire & Double-Row Diamonds

The double-row style bands with an exotic-cut central gemstone is an alternative form of the famous eye symbol, highlighted by its mysticism and deep aesthetics.

If you want to achieve the same effect as with evil eye jewelry, but at the same time don't want to be so obvious or fit into any pattern, this is the way to go.

You can take as an example this beautiful ring with a stunning 4.70 carat Ceylon Sapphire, a solid band of pure 18 karat gold and over a carat of complementing diamonds.

Blue Sapphire Oval Double Cabochon GIA & Diamonds

In keeping with the original color palette and overall concept also features this demanding GIA-certified central brilliant blue crystal Sapphire double cabochon.

The band is made with 18K solid gold, no fillers or laminations, completely hand-assembled.

The 6.48 carat center gemstone is delicately set with 43 brilliant-cut diamonds. The ideal balance between symbolic appeal and the timeless elegance of fine jewelry.


White Gold Ruby Cabochon & Diamonds

Stepping a bit more out of the pattern, but keeping the symbolism and stunning appeal, we have this 2.30 carat center ruby cabochon diamond band.

This beautiful vintage-style band with a cocktail-colored aesthetic is crafted from 18-karat gold, capable of standing up to any test. In addition, it is surrounded by no less than 60 sparkling diamonds that will create a symphony of unique sparkles.

You will notice that you don't need to strain to identify the figure of the eye in its design, but, at the same time, it will leave a dazzling image on everyone around you when you wear it.


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