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Best places to propose in Florida

on June 16, 2023

Places to propose in Orlando and all Florida

Looking for a memorable place in Florida that will help you immortalize one of the most important memories in a couple's life? Maybe we can help you with that.

We love engagement jewelry and the magical stories that make them meaningful so, knowing how many great places there are to propose in epic fashion in the sunshine state, we decided to give you a little nudge so you know exactly where to take the next step and do it right.

Ready to shape up those engagement ideas in Florida?

Places to propose in Orlando and all Florida

First of all, we should clarify that choosing the perfect place in Florida will depend almost entirely on what you and your partner consider romantic, accessible and symbolic for both of you, but this should never be overlooked.

Getting engaged will be an unforgettable memory and the beginning of a new stage in your lives that will hopefully last forever, show how much you care by choosing the best setting.

Some venues will require reservations or will have limited access depending on the day or the weather, keep this in mind before deciding. Without further ado, let's pick a place.

1. Sanibel Island Lighthouse

Faro de la isla de Sanibel
For a relaxing day, a nice walk and a cozy atmosphere.
The Sanibel Island Lighthouse is a historic structure located in the southern region. Surrounded by clear water and white sand completely filled with seashells, it's a secluded and beautiful spot for a sunset walk and a marriage proposal.

2. Fort Myers Beach Pier

Fort Myers Beach Pier
The Fort Myers Beach Pier is an energetic place with one of the most beautiful sunsets in the area. There is a lot of fishing and on weekends there are usually all kinds of activities and small events. You can have a group sing a proposal for you.

The best thing about this place is that it is surrounded by a vast expanse of accessible land, so it will not be difficult for you to find a spot on the beach to watch the sunset and have a romantic moment.

3. Florida Keys

Florida Keys
The Florida Keys themselves have enough charm to create magical proposals, so if you don't want to choose a particular location and are looking for a more complete experience, you can choose an activity that will give you those dreamy views.

How about an airplane that flies over the crystal clear waters or a cruise that gives them an unforgettable weekend? Two excellent options to propose with a Blue Sapphire Oval.

4. Balloon Rides

Balloon Rides
There is a very good reason why balloon rides are so popular in Orlando: The views, the wind in your face, the endless sense of freedom and adventure... A simply unforgettable experience that could be the perfect setting to unite you and your partner forever.

A little leap of faith to commemorate the love that makes you feel like you're on cloud nine.

5. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Universal Orlando Resort

For all fans of the famous Harry Potter saga there is simply no better place than The Wizarding World simulator at Universal Orlando Resort. The many themed stores and attractions are perfect for buying a beautiful gift that includes a sparkling piece of jewelry.

Its many secret passageways and the alleys of the magical shopping district give good spaces to pop the question. In the background, Hogwarts Castle can become a dream setting for your souvenir photos.

6. Jupiter Inlet

The Jupiter Inlet is surrounded by beautiful sites, especially the iconic 1860's lighthouse which is one of the jewels of the promenade, and on its climb, one of the best sunset views to set out and take wonderful photographs. If you want to make the experience a little more innovative, rent a Kayak and wait for the ideal moment to ask the big question.

7. Lovers Key State Park

Once again Fort Myers gives us one of the most beautiful places to propose, this time at Lover's key State Park. A perfect place for those who love hiking and incredible views on a day at the beach, a simple version of romantic love where you can be alone with your loved one and get down on one knee to present them with a beautiful jewel as bright as the sun, like Yellow Sapphire.

8. Harry P. Leu Gardens

Leu Gardens is a botanical paradise located very close to downtown Orlando with more than 40 acres of intense colors to explore and create a beautiful story in the butterfly garden or near a huge and extremely old oak tree, one of your top choices if you are looking for where to propose in Orlando.


9. Lake eola park

Looking for a romantic setting with an incredible view of the Orlando skyline? look no further than Lake Eola Park. Rent a boat for a ride on the swan lake, take a fun walk around the park while waiting for the sunset near the fountain lights and get down on one knee at the right time. Simply a winning plan.

10. Icon Park

Icon Park gives us access to one of the most classic places to propose: A Ferris wheel, and The Wheel fits this description to a tee. A 400-foot climb that slowly climbs to the top, where you'll have a panoramic view of Orlando. If you've timed the 20 minutes it takes for the private capsule to fully ascend, you'll have a spectacular sunset and the best opportunity to make your proposal.

11. St. Augustine

Historic St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States, has the perfect setting for a proposal done to fairy tale standards. Take a carriage ride straight to a pre-arranged location, complete with a path of roses and a bottle of champagne, with a beautiful vintage-style piece of jewelry symbolizing the beauty of a love that transcends the barriers of time.

12. A raid to Miami

The city of Miami is full of interesting places to have fun, especially its beautiful beaches full of activity and buildings with luxury restaurants with terraces to propose. Although choosing just one of the best places to propose in Miami is almost impossible, nothing beats its private tours.

A helicopter ride over the city or a boat tour of the pristine beaches may seem unaffordable, but nothing will beat those views.


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