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LGBTQI+ Wedding Rings

on June 25, 2021

Every true love story deserves to be celebrated with beautiful jewelry, and while there is an infinite range of unique tastes in the LGBTQI+ community that would fit perfectly with any design, there are certain options and concepts that tend to be most popular with our clients.

LGBTQI+ Wedding Rings

To celebrate diversity in love and engagement, we bring you the best LGBTQI+ Wedding and Engagement Rings concepts, of the season.


LGBTQI+ Engagement Rings

Some of the couples looking for a good LGBTQI+ friendly engagement ring feel caught between the desire for a classic statement and that touch of personality that expresses that their love is unique Why give up on both approaches? A nice change of color in the metal band and diamond angle on classic models can help you find love where you least expect it.


LGBTQI+ Engagement Rings

For those who are looking for a departure from the classic or preconceived ideas of engagement, there is a particular model that stands out for its neutral style, singular elegant beauty, without sacrificing brilliance and with a very special open concept: The 5 stone engagement ring.

These designs are right in the middle between a wedding band and an engagement ring, which is a bold and challenging idea that will certainly stand out with ease. Plus, the meaning of the design is broad and open to interpretation so the couple can define their own rules.


LGBTQI+ Wedding Bands

The conception of wedding bands are usually low-cut, comfortable precious metal bands that can be worn all the time, which also match well with the engagement rings. With LGBTQI+ Wedding Bands this is usually no different.

When it comes to showing diversity, a popular solution is often the beautiful bezel settings as they are elegant and comfortable. You can vary the thickness of the gemstones to have identical or different sized pairs depending on individual taste.

For this model, it is possible to intersperse beautifully colored stones to add much more life, personality and sparkle.


Same sex wedding ring

We are the same, but in our own way! A predominant idea in same-sex wedding rings. To reconcile this perspective with the design, some partners often solve it in a very elegant way: Choosing the same base style and modifying the elements to match each other's personality.

Using gemstones, color customizations can be created with common details and concepts to capture the essence of the bond they share, but with an essence of their own.


Gay promise rings

It is normal that many LGBTQI+ couples are not attracted to the traditional ideas of marriage or civil union, but feel the need to share symbolic gestures of commitment, as a way to show off to the world and remind each other that their love is serious, solid and meaningful, in their own way.

For this, a gay pride promise ring is an excellent alternative, as they are highly customizable and just as symbolic.


Gay pride rings

Sharing beautiful jewelry during the LGBTQI+ pride celebration has an especially important meaning. What better date to take the next step and tell the world (and your special someone) how happy your colorful love makes you?

To truly surprise, there's nothing more symbolic than a multi-colored infinity ring that can be customized to your ideal hue, or simply let a beautiful rainbow of gemstones make a statement for you.

Each piece is handcrafted with natural oval-cut gemstones and the finest solid gold, a predominant feature in our special LGBTQI+ collection where beautiful colorful gemstones intersect with our signature designs to celebrate your unique style.


Gay engagement and wedding ring: Which finger?

While we're on the subject of design, it's an appropriate time to answer a question we get asked repeatedly: When planning a design for an LGBTQI+ couple, which finger is the appropriate finger to wear it on?

The answer is: Whichever one you feel is ideal.

For some couples, it feels comfortable to choose the ring finger on the right hand as it breaks with the traditional, for others, the left hand is not an issue.

Regardless of what feels more comfortable for you, remember that it is your beautiful jewelry and it is your fingers that are going to wear it, it is you and no one else who defines the rules of the game.

LGBTQI+ Gay Wedding Rings Which finger

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