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We are proud to present our Prisma Collection, by Albert Hern and Diamond Tales. A group of pieces of high jewelry designed to be unique, selected to represent your birth month, your astrological sign, or your inner gem according to your personality and the symbolism that vibrates best with you. Each gem has a unique color and a legacy that has been shared by artisans for thousands of years.

Each of these necklaces has a certificate of authenticity that backs up its delicate gems, finely crafted to hang on an exquisite 14K gold chain. Because it could not be otherwise, each piece is handmade by professionals in the U.S. so that you only have the best.

Let your story come out with this rainbow of gems and precious metals.Find your inner gem.

Prisma collection Albert hern

Prisma collection Albert Hern Birthstone Meaning

For thousands of years, artisans have made and worked on gems to create adornments as symbols of the gods, of personality, of a cause, and even of a feeling. Each one of these stones tells an ancient story that comes to life according to each month or left in the hands of the reflection for each ideal person.

Discover which is your birth gem and explore its symbolism, as well as the rest of the pieces so you can choose wisely and show your inner gem.

Garnet > January, Capricorn & Aquarius

The January stone is undoubtedly the garnet, usually red in colo.. Garnet is the protection stone, used for centuries by craftsmen in jeweled weapons and armor as an amulet.

A delicate gold necklace with a garnet birthstone is the representative symbol of the Capricorn and Aquarius.

Amethyst > February, Aquarius & Pisces

Amethyst has been connected for millennia with those who were born in February. Amethyst represents and cultivates personal power, which is why it is often among the most valuable positions in every royal family that has ever existed in both Europe and Asia.

Aquarius and Pisces are usually the best carriers of amethysts, especially those with pendant designs thought in this collection.

Aquamarine > March, Pisces & Aries

Seawater was used in ancient times by sailors, fishermen and merchants who traveled by boat as it was believed to calm the tides and protect those in the water. It was said that those born in March should always carry one with them and so it was often given as a gesture of love.

Pisces and Aries fit perfectly with aquamarine, almost in a mystical way.

Diamond > April, Aries & Taurus

The diamond is the eternal symbol of unbounded love. Those born under the protection of this birthstone are known for being integrated people, who learn very quickly from their experiences and resist very well the obstacles that life presents them.

Tsavorite > May, Taurus & Gemini

The emerald green garnet, also called Tsavorite is the stone of those born in May and thanks to this it is related on an astrological level to Taurus and Gemini. It is a relatively new stone and extremely rare like few others, which undoubtedly stands out for its tonalities when in contact with light.

The Tsavorite in this collection hangs so delicately and exquisitely on the gold necklace that it is almost impossible not to notice its subtle auras when in contact with light.

Pink Sapphire > June, Gemini & Cancer

Those born in June (Gemini and Cancer) have a link with the pink sapphire as their birth gem which represents very well their passion, the strength of their heart, willpower and their combative character.

Ruby > July, Cancer & Leo

The ruby is known as the king of precious stones and is closely linked to the Sapphires, representing those born in the month of July, in the same way it goes perfectly for Cancer and Leo. It is the gem of queens, crowns and leaders.

A ruby necklace, like the bracelets and rings, represents desires and healthy ambitions, as well as the ability to get what you want.

Peridot > August, Leo & Virgo

The Peridot is the ideal gem for those born in August and from our gold collection it best represents Leo and Virgo. Although this stone can be obtained naturally in some excavations, it is known that many of these beautiful gems have arrived on earth in meteorites.

In ancient times it was believed that the olivine aura scared away evil spirits and when in contact with the morning light it healed the conscience.

Blue Sapphire > September, Virgo & Libra

The blue sapphire is the stone of those born in September under the sign of Virgo and Libra. Sapphires are synonymous with wisdom, righteousness, goodness and constancy. They possess noble and strong hearts.
All these characteristics make them unstoppable in everything they propose or undertake.

Tourmaline > October, Libra & Scorpio

For those born in October there are no defined colors, their stone is the Tourmaline which is well known for having mixed color cuts. The ancient Greeks said that a talisman or necklace with Tourmaline as a birthstone could awaken artistic gifts, so this stone is very much related to creativity and artistic ability.

Libra and Scorpio usually carry Tourmaline as a rule, since it vibrates very well with these signs.

Citrine > November, Scorpio & Sagittarius

The stone of those who were born in the month of November is citrine, an extremely beautiful quartz, with an excellent transparency and hardness to make jewelry works of very good quality. Citrine is the gem of abundance, of negotiators and it is believed that it can cure depression, encourage its wearer and those around it.

Citrine, along with topaz represent those people from the sign of Scorpio and Sagittarius, who will undoubtedly be very well represented in this collection.

Tanzanite > December, Sagittarius & Capricorn

Tanzanite is the stone of those born in the month of December and shares energy with turquoise. Tanzanite has only been located in Tanzania at present, making it a relatively new, but undoubtedly very well worn, with a clarity and tone extremely delicate and wonderful.

For both Sagittarius and Capricorn signs, the Tanzanite is said to bring peace of mind and balance to your emotions, which can be highlighted very well by its tonalities that evoke the emotional.

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